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cute rescued kitten little mao
This is when Mau just arrived in her foster home
cute rescued kitten and cat friend stand by window
Little Mau and her new cat buddy, look at how tiny she was

Little Mau was found wondering on the streets on a Saturday when Tracy was out for a walk. She was very shy and timid, but somehow she trusted this complete stranger and let her take her away from the unpredictable world of outdoors. It was perhaps the first time she experienced home.

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cute rescued kittens drink water
Zebra gives Little a kiss
cute rescue kittens smile and sleep pink blanket
Smiley faces

Two little babies were the reason how Tracy became a foster parent for a local rescue group. “A few years ago, as I was reading the news, I found a feral cat rescue group website over the internet and saw a beautiful kitten there. I called right away for the kitten and was notified that she had been adopted. A month later, I got a call from them, asking if I would be interested in fostering two little kittens whose eyes were not even open. I had no experience caring for a kitten that small, but they were really short of hands, so I did not hesitate and took them right in,” said Tracy on her blog.

cute ginger foster kitten gives happy the cat a kiss
Little foster gives his new friend a kiss
cute rescued foster ginger baby kittens
The three fuzzy fosters all tuckered out

Three beautiful ginger babies were brought to the shelter. Within a few hours, they arrived in their foster home where they were greeted by not just one, but many cat residents who started taking care of them in rotation. The kittens were around 20 days old, still bottle babies.

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cute rescued kitten and cat
Happy the cat taking care of a little rescue baby

Happy has been a surrogate cat father to many rescue kittens. One of them is called Sweet who became his closest friend :).

An orphaned kitten was rescued by a friend of Tracy. “It was July 2006 when we met. I was holding a little fuzzy tabby in my hand and all of a sudden, she bit my finger a little bit,” said Tracy. Right then she realized that this feisty little bottle baby had chosen her to come home with.

cute rescued foster kittens snuggle love
Little brother and sister duo

After Tracy sent away her last foster to a new home, very soon the shelter called again. There were two brother and sister kittens that needed some fattening up and lots of TLC. They were a bit shy when they just arrived, but that shell quickly cracked open and they started venturing around the house, greeting other cat residents, and feeling much more at home.