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Smoochie the cat doesn’t let her disability stop her. Being paraplegic, she doesn’t want anyone to pity her. With love and a pair of wheels, Smoochie now lives a happy life that inspires many.

Smoochie was born in Ohio. When she was six weeks old, her back was injured in an accident when someone shut a dresser drawer too hard as she was jumping in to check it out. After that, she lost mobility in her hind legs.

A kind rescuer took her in and cared for her until she was 4 1/2 months old. There was not a single day that Smoochie wasn’t touching people’s hearts with her endless affection and loving temperament.

Thanks to West Side Cats, Smoochie was given a pair of wheels so that she could move around again. It changed her life forever. The pure joy she shows when they put her in the wheelchair is as if she never had the disability. She runs around and plays just like any other kitties.

Smoochie never lets her disability define her. Her humans believed in her and gave her a second chance at life, and now she’s happy and healthy as the mascot at West Side Cats, inspiring many with her story.

Smoochie is paraplegic but she doesn’t let it stop her.

Smoochie, a Paraplegie Cat west side cats

She was rescued by a kind person who cared for her and gave her a second chance.

Smoochie, a Paraplegie Cat west side cats

West Side Cats gave her a pair of wheels so she could walk again

Smoochie, a Paraplegie Cat west side cats

Taking a break from playing and running around

Smoochie, a Paraplegie Cat west side cats (1)

Time to play and run again!

Smoochie, a Paraplegie Cat west side cats

After a long day of playing, she goes straight for a nap.

Smoochie, a Paraplegie Cat west side cats

Smoochie is now the mascot at West Side Cats, inspiring many with her story.

Smoochie, a Paraplegie Cat west side cats

Before Smoochie puts on her wheels, she loves to make happy feet:

Wheels on, she starts running around the room, playing with toys and just being as happy as she can be:

Pictures by West Side Cats (also on Facebook). Follow Smoochie Cat on Facebook.

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Sandy is a beautiful blind cat who has come a long way since he found Blind Cat Rescue, his permanent home. “He was sick and thin when he got here. Amazing what some good antibiotics and food will do,” said Blind Cat Rescue.

Sandy’s eyes were severely infected and had to be surgically removed, but that saved his life and today he is completely pain free.

Even though Sandy can’t see, he has a way to tell his surroundings. His favorite game is to walk on a big wheel [See video below]. For the next 3 days, you can see Sandy and his blind kitty friends live on YouTube [see video below].

Being blind doesn’t define Sandy. He doesn’t think he’s any different. With all the love he get from Blind Cat Rescue, Sandy lives a normal and happy life.

Beautiful Sandy at Blind Cat Rescue

sandy blind cat from blind cat rescue

Sandy after the surgery to save his life

sandy blind cat from blind cat rescue

He can’t see, but he is always happy

sandy blind cat from blind cat rescue

Sandy’s favorite toy, the big wheel

sandy blind cat from blind cat rescue

Watch Sandy the blind cat walk on the big wheel.

Watch Sandy and his blind kitty friends live:

Photos by Blind Cat Rescue. Follow them on Facebook.

A little kitten somehow survived being picked up by a front loader and dumped into a bin of concrete and finally rescued by a construction worker who acted with quick thinking. Willie Harris keeps his eyes on each load, then on Thursday afternoon, something different caught his eyes. “At the very last minute, I saw a little fur ball… I thought it was an old glove or something that would be in the rocks,” he said via 13abc.

It turned out to be a little kitten, only 3 weeks old. “I ran down the steps, cut off the machine and jumped in… I thought it was dead, but then it scratched me. I said, ‘its alive!'” Harris said in an interview with 13abc.

They named the little ginger Lucky and took him to a local shelter to have the kitten checked out. “Just a couple of very minor injuries which is very surprising considering everything it seems he went through,” reported Cind C via 13abc.


Lucky after the rescue

cute kitten wrapped in blanket

Source 13abc.

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Anakin is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn’t stop him. He doesn’t think he is disabled… just differently abled.

cute rescue kitten ani born without pelvis back legs

Ani posing with his favorite toys

Ani’s story by Carrie Hawks:

My family and I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him. My family and I are lifelong animal lovers and will give Ani the absolute best possible home, love and care. I will be posting updates, photos and videos of Anakin on his Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube as he grows.

We have a new kitten! A very special new kitten. I wasn’t looking to get another cat right now but you know how these things just happen…. About two weeks ago a kitten without back legs started coming over to eat with the other feral cats at my dad’s work. My first few trips to attempt to catch it didn’t work out. Then Thursday (5/31), We went to see if this was the day we could catch it. The kitten was cowering in the bushes and I climbed into the bushes and pulled the kitten out. We brought the kitten home and I set it up in our hall bathroom, exactly like I did with Trixie & Pixie two years earlier.

Friday morning (6/1) I took him to our vet as soon as they opened. Our vet said she has never seen anything like him before and he is amazing and that it’s also amazing that his mother took care of him even with his handicap. She examined him and he is a little boy, approximately 6 to 8 weeks old and it in really good health. Two xrays on him showed he was born with no pelvis or back legs. We let him walk around the room for a minute to see how he moves. He positions his front legs at an angle towards the middle of his body and balances his backend in the air with the use of his tail touching the ground if he needs it. He gets around really well that way and is pretty quick too. The xray also showed that his insides were not malformed, last was the feline leukemia test. He’s came back negative. So we got him vaccinated, dewormed and a little flea meds and unless we have any problems with him, he goes back to the vet in three weeks. :)

Now, he is home getting comfy in his little bathroom and will be there for a while till he is bigger, stronger and ready to be socialized with the other cats and our dog. He is such a sweet calm little guy :) He is happy to cuddle in our laps and purrs really loud. He likes to play with a little toy mouse and also chase a beaded necklaces around on the floor. We have decided to name him Anakin and will be calling him “Ani” (yes after Anakin Skywalker 😀 )

Thanks Carrie and Jay for sharing.

Ani with his teddybear in the carrier where he likes to sleep right now

cute ani the kitty cuddling with his teddy bear born without pelvis back legs

Ani walking. He’s got awesome balance!

cute ani the kitten learns to walk

Anakin LOVES Friskies Cat Fishing game on the iPad. He doesn’t care too much to catch the slow fish but really likes to go after the faster ones.

cute ani the kitten plays with ipad game fish

See Ani in action:

Ani playing and running:

Ani playing iPad game in action:

You never know when the sleepy bug bites. Little kittens sometimes fall asleep in such unpredictable ways. It can be anytime and anywhere. There are a couple signs when the sleepy bug does bite: the kitty appears to be yawning progressively and often times falls asleep in the middle of something and freezes in a pose.

Little tabby gets really sweepy…

cute sleepy kitten napping white paws
cute sleepy kitten napping maneki neko high 5

Photos courtesy of Yoko Tanji.