Cat And Rabbit Take A Walk Together Every Day

In Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, Momo the cat and Moko the rabbit like to take a walk with their human every day. ( They are inseparable. The neighbors call them “Brother and Sister.” Momo watched Moko grow from a tiny baby rabbit and is very protective of him. When the human takes a walk outside, they tag […]

3 Week Old Kittens Learn To Walk

by Love Meow on Aug 6th, 2013 | 2 Comments on 3 Week Old Kittens Learn To Walk

These tiny 3 week old kittens are taking their first steps and learning how to walk. Too cute for words!

Tiny Kitty Takes First Steps

by Love Meow on Feb 28th, 2012 | 7 Comments on Tiny Kitty Takes First Steps

A teeny 3 week old kitty takes her first steps. “Here I come world!” Photo via Reddit.

Oskar the Blind cat Takes Daily Walk with His Best Furiend

Oskar takes a daily walk in the building with his best furiend Klaus. As soon as the door is open, Oskar goes charging into the hall and even does his famous spin move. “Despite being blind, Oskar can navigate to the end and back,” said their hoomans. Oskar was born 100% blind, but the kitty doesn’t […]

Cats are Smooth Walkers, but Extremely Inefficient

by Love Meow on Jul 17th, 2009 | Comments Off on Cats are Smooth Walkers, but Extremely Inefficient

We know that cats walk very quietly, almost undetectably, especially when they are prowling towards their prey or in our cases, their toy or our legs. Did you know that cats are the most inefficient walkers out of many different animals including dogs, horses, penguins or even humans? They use every single muscle in their legs […]

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