cute kittens looking at camera
Entertaining three lovely kittens | photo by ©Wolfram Schubert

Wolfram Schubert from Germany is fascinated by cats from all walks of life and all over the world. He has met almost all the cats exist in his town and is often traveling around the world to meet new cats.

“When I am on travel, I find myself looking for cats on the streets quite automatically. Well, it didn’t become an obsession, but it sometimes acted as a door opener into foreign culture.” Wolfram has met cats from a Turkish fisherman, an grocery clerk in Brussels, a tinsmith in Rome, and the list goes on.

cute tabby kitten
"A young stray cat on the edge of my town. As it was the first snow of the year, this was his first encounter with that wonderful white stuff, too." - Wolfram | photo by ©Wolfram Schubert