Why Cats Wiggle Their Butt Before They Pounce

cute sleeping kitten sleepy cat pic

Jackie, Sleepy kitty :)

Cats are lovely creatures that never fail to amaze us. They are full of quirks and often have a lot of spontaneous antics that keep everyone in the house amused. Cats have a cute little tush that they are proud to show off. They often like to wiggle and shake their hind quarters when they are about to pounce. It is cute and adorable, but why do they do that?

Let’s look at cats’ wild cousins, the big cats. Wild cats such as tigers, lions, leopards tend to grind the ground with their hind quarters before they pounce. It is a way for them to get into position and brace themselves before they attack. Domestic cats share a similar feature –  instead of grinding the ground with their hind legs, they wiggle their behind vigorously to attain balance and leverage.

(Click to watch Jackie wiggling his tush before he is about to attack:)

Kittens learn to do this from their mother cat. During their upbringing, cat mothers often demonstrate various hunting techniques and skills in front of their children, so they can learn by example.

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4 Responses to “Why Cats Wiggle Their Butt Before They Pounce”

  1. Julia Gallimore & Leo says:

    Very cute!! =^..^=

  2. Carol says:

    If you look closely, you can see the cat's legs moving as though he is "grinding" the ground too. It's not just a butt wiggle – it's the hind paws getting set to pounce!

  3. Ala says:


    Cats do this on instinct – it's not learned behaviour. I know cos we got our kitten at 8 weeks old before he would have had a chance to learn the behaviour off his mum, but now that he's grown up he wiggles with the best of them!

  4. Nia says:

    I agree with Ala. my kitten didn’t learn this from his mother. I got him when he was two weeks old and he grew up with our dog. He just started to wiggle by himself :)

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