There are a lot of stories about the special bond between many cats and dogs. A Shyla a Chihuahua mother adopted a litter of abandoned kittens. Recently another Chihuahua named Timkerbell gave birth to her own puppies, but did not hesitate to bring in and take care of a few more abandoned kittens. She would not like it if someone wanted to take the kittens from her. What a protective mother.

Below are a set of beautiful pictures that demonstrate the love between cats and dogs. Despite all the differences they may have, love transcends everything.

cute black kitten and puppy love cat pic

flickr/Petteri Sulonen

cute chihuahua looking at kitten bottle feeding cat pic


cute kitten and dog love cat pic


cute kitten and chow chow dog cat pic


cute siamese kitten kisses dog cat pic


cute puppy dog kisses kitten cat pic


cute kitten dog snuggle up cat pic


cute orange kitten cuddle with dog cat pic

flickr/Sphiroty Fiesta

cute kitten snuggle with dog cat pic


cute kitten snuggles with dog cat pic


cute kitten puppy love sleeping cat pic

flickr/Jeff Weston

cute dog and kitten love cat pic


cute orange kitten dog love cat pic

flickr/Cheryl Dudley

cute tabby kitten dog love kissing cat pic

flickr/Feral Indeed!

cute kitten and chihuahua puppy cat pic
Hi5 my best buddy!

flickr/Sarah Jones

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