Cats and Their Horse and Deer Friends

cute kitty and horse kissing cat pic

© Leesa

Animals often amaze us with the love they share with each other. We have covered so many stories about friendships shared between cats and many other different species – squirrels, dogs, mice, deers, and even a giant gorilla. Love really doesn’t have any boundaries. Perhaps we can learn something from these animals.

Photos courtesy of Leesa, an unbelievably talented photographer from Northwest Montana. You can see more photos by her from her website or flickr.

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cute kitty nose bumping kissing deer cat pic

© Leesa

cute kitty kissing deer cat pic

© Leesa

beautiful horse cute kitty cat pic

© Leesa

cute kitty and deer cat pic

© Leesa

cute black cat meets deer kitty pic

© Leesa

cute kitty kisses horse cat pic

© Leesa

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17 Responses to “Cats and Their Horse and Deer Friends”

  1. Heidi says:

    How touching it is! Nature's ways are often unpredictable!
    Love your site and often share it!

  2. Yup, humans could learn a lot from us!

  3. lovemeow says:

    Indeed, Zippy, Sadie and Speedy :)

  4. Siku Marie says:

    If only humans could be so accepting and loving, the world would be so much gentler and kinder. Maybe someday.

    • Bob says:

      Last time I checked, nature is on the whole a deal more violent and unforgiving toward itself, and our fellow humans the most reliable safe haven from it.

      The pictures are beautiful, though. Just remember that this is a very selective view of animal life.

      • In Agreeance with Bob says:

        I have to agree, nature is called nature for a reason, beautiful and serene as it is its mostly wild, dangerous, and unforgiving. Animals can be domesticated, which is against natures flow (who’s complaining, i love my cat), but that is not how they should be, animals are meant to survive and hunt, and humans should be too, except we have brains so we live differently. otherwise we would be just as wild and savage. if not for our brains we couldn’t have compassion in this world, respect and attraction yes. but not compassion and love, these are our own qualities. these make us humans and all our sins make us human too, we have a choice and we have desires. those who are the “shame” of humans are merely making a choice that most consider unwise and crule.

  5. Brian says:

    Yep, there's a lot to be said for that, now if all the humans would just listen!

  6. Oh those are super adorable pictures!! I like them all (and horses make me a bit nervous in person, so that is saying something!)

  7. Esme says:

    These are very loving. If only life was always so simple.

  8. Kitty Momma says:

    Aww, Bob doesn't get it….

  9. Sue says:

    Seems to me that nature is a lot less complicated than humans… maybe we can learn from nature more..

    • In Agreeance with Bob says:

      by the way cute pictures i love cats and the animals getting together is delightful, staged or not. good job.

      p.s. i don’t know much about horses but the one with really white eyes looks very unnatural. is it blind? or is it a birth defect? maybe its normal…

  10. octopuss says:

    Bob has a point, Nature is not just cuteness and love all over. The pity is that humans can reflect on their actions and still there is so much hate and spite and so little love and understanding in them. As opposed to these cats and their friends. :)

  11. bobbi says:

    beautiful pics

  12. Lori says:

    Thank you Octopuss; perfectly said. Animals do what they need to survive (when it's the violence; unforgiving? not if you believe in survival of the fittest.) But humans do what they do becuase they WANT to (as in violence). Whop's the better there? I'll go wtih animals anytime…

  13. Susan says:

    How precious

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