cute ginger kitten cuddle tuxedo kitten
"These kittens are brother and sister. We had them, there 4 littermates and their mother in foster care."

Will and his wife, Kathy, from California have volunteered for SPCALA for almost a decade. “This is our 9th year in the foster program and more than 300 of our fosters have been adopted. Besides fostering at home we spend a lot of time at the shelter helping to get the cats and kittens adopted.”

SPCALA makes it easy for us to help save animals and provide people with companions and family members. They have the best adoption facility in Southern California and a very helpful staff. They have an educational department that provides classes for almost everything that us volunteers do.”

“This is primarily my wife’s hobby. We have turned three spare bedrooms in our home into kitten rooms. The most fosters that we have had at one time in our home is 19. We back up each other in these efforts. For example the last set of 7 that we took back to the shelter several weeks ago were primarily my babies because my wife had just too many other things going on. We had them from 3 weeks old (bottle babies) to more than 3 months old. I was lucky that I did not have any serious illness to deal with, not like the group before them.”

cute foster kittens
"These came into the shelter on New Year's Eve and we took them into foster care as bottle babies. They have all since been adopted."
cute kitten standing up jazz hands
"This white foster kitten is showing us that he has clean paws."

“We have had quite a number of polydactyls over the years. At the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 we had a polydactyl calico mother and all her 6 kittens were polydactyl. She had a red tabby and white, a cream colored tabby, a blue, two black and whites and tortie. Later that year we got a group of three kittens without a mother cat. Three of the 4 were polydactyl, an orange and white, a calico, and a black and white. There was another black and white that was not polydactyl. I have many many more photos of these polydactyl than I have posted on flickr. There is a photo of a blue polydactyl that I have posted on flickr that was the only polydactyl kitten in a litter of 5.”

cute foster kittens playing
Pixie and Dixie dancing

“At the Long Beach facility where we volunteer, Long Beach animal control takes in the animals and handles a variety of animal control services. SPCALA runs the adoption center. SPCALA staff routinely gove over to the Long Beach side and chose the most adoptable animals that we have room fore to come over to the adoption center. There are other organizations that take some of the animals that we cannot. Kittens that are too young to be put up for adoption go into the foster program if there is room. We are rarely told anything about how any of the animals come to be in the facility. I assure people that all of our kittens originally come from mother cats.”

cute ginger kitten
This is foster kitten Rusty.

“I am alergic to cats and an asthematic. I told my wife before we got married absolutely no cats and in my marriage I rule. But yes we have cats. One of our cats we found on our front porch during a rain storm and we have been trying to find him a home for the past ten years with no success. Of course he has been like a brother to our other male cat, the kitten my daughter brought home from college. the hardest part of fostering is having to give them up but because of the other cats we know that we cannot keep them. We look upon adoption as a form of graduation. Photography helps to keep them in our memory.”

Photos courtesy of Will (flickr: ©whaas987)

cute tabby kittens
cute foster kittens smiling
"Some kittens know how to smile for the camera."
cute foster kittens playing
"These are kittens that we had in foster care. They are doing the 'High 4'."
cute cats smelling a shoe
"Here are two of our foster kittens examining one of my shoes at the shelter."
cute white kitten playing with a ball
"This is one of our foster kittens on a bed playing with a ball. In foster care the kittens get a very carefree early kittenhood."
cute kitten sleeping with mama cat
"Here is a mother cat and one of her kittens, both sleeping. We had them both in foster care. The kitten is one of four."
cute kittens laughing
"These are three of Evie's kittens. You can see Evie in the background at the left edge of the photograph."
cute kitten napping on a ball
"This foster kitten is asleep but still on the ball."
cute tuxedo polydactyl cat
"Hai it's very nice to meet you. Let's shake our paws!" - This is a polydactyl kitten in foster care. His front paw has two extra toes.
cute ginger foster kitten
"Tuffy is one of a group of foster kittens we refer to as the New Year's Eve fosters. They were dropped of at the shelter one New Year's Eve and we took them into foster care."
cute black kitten doing break dancing
"This foster kitten named Jackson appears to be break dancing."
cute foster kittens taking a nap snoozing
Polydactyl Brothers Sleeping
cute ginger kitten polydactyl
"I have many toes too, can you see?" | This kitten has extra toes on all four paws.
cute foster kitten boxing
"This foster kitten is in a boxing stance."
cute ginger kitten
"This is foster kitten Quin taking it easy."
cute kitten foster
This is little foster kitten, Amy