Rescued Kittens Belle and Sebastian

cute tortie kitten

Belle | by ©fluffyhelen

Written by Helen (flickr: ©fluffyhelen)

Belle and Sebastian came into the Nottingham RSPCA animal shelter in August 2009 after being found with their mum, Betsy, underneath a hedge in somebodies garden. They were barely a few days old and Betsy had been caring for them. There were only the two kittens and we had a really lucky spell of warm weather which ensured they made it through their first week.

They came into the shelter after a neighbour noticed them and then were bundled straight out to me at less than a week old. They barely fit in the palm of my hand. Betsy settled in straight away & was very happy with the home we set up for her and the kittens in our living room.

As they grew stronger they started to venture out of the cage more. First their eyes opened, bright blue and full of adventure. Then they started crawling around the cage, mewing for their mother to come back with their dinner! I was really lucky to have been able to see their eyes open for the first time, see their first little baby steps out of the cage and see them turn into nice “chunky” little kittens.

I desperately wanted to keep them both. When they went back to the shelter it felt like a terrible wrench. Betsy was adopted by one of my friends so I see her all the time (she stays here when my friend goes on holiday with her new friend, Holly).

cute rescued foster kittens

Belle and Sebastian | by ©fluffyhelen

They went back to the shelter in October 2009. I’d already told my boyfriend that if they were still in the shelter when we came back from our holiday (5 days later) that I would adopt them myself because they were too pretty to be in captivity!!

They were adopted less than a week into their stay at the shelter and were re-homed together. The RSPCA were really happy with the care they received whilst they were with me and it was evident that they were two very healthy, happy and well-adjusted little kittens.

My favourite part about having them was the cuddles! I’d lift them onto me when I was watching TV and they’d just go to sleep across my stomach. I remember one time I was eating a sausage sandwich and Sebastian was sat next to me waiting for a bite. He wasn’t going to get one! Anyway, he fell asleep sitting up next to me and then toppled over a little bit, waking himself up.

Belle and Sebastian went to their forever home about a year ago. :) I still miss them so much!! I have all the photos I took & I look at them all the time.

Photos courtesy of Helen (flickr: ©fluffyhelen)

cute rescued foster kittens

Seb and Belle 3 weeks old | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued foster kitten

Adorable Belle | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued foster kitten playing with mouse toy

Belle confused by her own feet, again | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten playing with a toy mouse

"Who me?" | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten playing with a mouse toy

"Rawrrrr!" | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten

"I am a little shy." | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten stepping out of cage

Belle on the prowl | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued foster kitten napping

"ZZZzzz..." | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kittens

Belle senses something is afoot! | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten

"Do you have a question?" | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten

"Me happy!" | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten

Sebastian looks as if he's about to do a mischief | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kittens
cute rescued kitten

Sleepy times! | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten curious

"I must investigate this storage system!" | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kitten in the box

"Me testing out the organization system." | by ©fluffyhelen

cute rescued kittens

"We are dreaming of mousie and ping pong balls. Weeeee!" | by ©fluffyhelen

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15 Responses to “Rescued Kittens Belle and Sebastian”

  1. Totally lovelly kittens!

  2. flow says:

    LOVE THEM!!!

  3. shar says:

    Very cute….very nice of you to care for them …good job………

  4. Norman Murray says:

    I can understand why you were going to keep them if not adopted. Very cute kitties

  5. Brian says:

    They are just so darn cute!!!

  6. Bali Suut says:

    What do you mean their forever home. They died? Please say not so!

  7. Tara says:

    Oh my, they are adorable! Big thanks to Helen. I hope someday I will start fostering… but I may end up keeping all the fosters hehe. :)

  8. C says:

    I could just eat those precious babies up!!!

  9. Elise says:

    baby cats!!1 with they could stay little forever!

  10. Linda says:

    More sweet faces!

  11. Ingrid says:

    It's so sad you couldn't adopt them :(

    They are so cute, I hope they are ok now. Were they adopted together?

  12. sara says:

    I'm so glad u were able to take care of the mommy too :) Thanks so much for giving then a second chance, love and care. They are too cute!!!

  13. sandie ;) says:

    Sebastin & Belle are so cute!

  14. beckyl says:

    aww, they are beauties. i would have wanted to keep them, too…

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