cute kitten
Romeo the cat

When Romeo the cat came to his new family, Daniele Pieroni knew that he was very special. Romeo has a quirky personality. He loves to hide underneath the blanket, desk or bed. Sometimes he jumps out of nowhere from his hiding spot as if he’s about to attack. He’d make a great hunter.

Romeo is no doubt mommy and daddy’s fur baby. He loves to nap with his parents and enjoys being pampered by them. His mommy and daddy give him lots of kisses and cuddles every day. He thinks he is a little prince who runs the house because of all the attention and all the toys he has.

Photos courtesy of Daniele Pieroni (flickr: lastquest)

cute kitten and a stuffed toy
"This is my good friend, Mr. Cricket."
cute kitten cuddled by mommy
"My mommy loves me."
cute white kitten
"I am Romeo aka Piru Piru. :)"
cute kitten
"I love cuddles!"
cute kitten smiling being petted
"Me like to be petted :)"
cute kitten catches toy
"I caught you!"
cute cat sleeping kitten
"Sleepy in mommy's arms."
mommy kisses cute kitten
"Mommy likes giving me kisses."
cute kitten under blanket
Romeo playing hide and seek
cute kitten nibbling suckling
This is the first time Romeo got on his hooman parents' bed :)
cute kitten sleeping with mommy and daddy
Romeo sharing a bed with his hooman parents :)
cute kitten and chicken toy
Romeo wrestling with Mr. chicken
cute kitten and large red stuffed toy
"I have a feeling that something is watching me from atop."
cute kitten
Where is Romeo?
cute kitten
Ahh, he is here, hiding behind the bed :)