cute bengal kitten napping in a bowl
Toshi taking a nap in warm sunlight

Toshi came to Louise’s home just last month. “He is absolutely adorable and very clever, he loves to play fetch with his mice or rolled up ball of Loula (our cat) fur (that is his favourite toy).”

Toshi met Spike and Loula who have been living in the house for quite a while. A couple of weeks after his arrival, Louise saw tremendous progress between Toshi and Spike. “I fell asleep on the couch watching TV, Spike was on the windowsill and Toshi was asleep on the computer chair. When I woke up I found them both asleep together on the couch. I was not expecting Spike to accept him for at least a couple of months.”

“People say Bengals are naughty, I am sure I don’t know where that idea comes from haha. The torn up documents are what is left of my printer.”

“Toshi loves the cat playground (we built), he now goes up to the cubby hole for a snooze during the day, at bed time he sleeps on the pillow next to me.”

“He is just so sweet when he is snoozing, it makes up for all the mayhem while he is awake.”

Photos courtesy of Louise Paisley (flickr: Louise – Paisley).

cute bengal kitten
Toshi playing in the cat playground
cute bengal kitten getting ready to jump
"Must jump to the other tube!"
cute bengal kitten checking out tube
"I have a strange feeling that I can fit into the hole!"
cute bengal cat trying to get in the tube
"I have to try it out to find out!"
cute bengal kitten destroying documents
"Ahhh let me fix these papers for mom."
cute bengal cat tearing up paper towel
"The paper towel is resistant!"
cute bengal kitten carrying paper towel
"Finally the paper towel surrendered. I am taking it away."
cute bengal kitten standing up
"Give me Da Bird plz!!!"
cute bengal cat trying to catch da bird
cute bengal kitten jumping
"Check out my hip hop move!"
cute bengal cat and his mouse
"This is my fave toy mousie! I like to carry it around."
cute kitten and cats sleeping together
"Me tired. I am snoozing with my buddy, Spike."
cute bengal kitten taking a nap
"The office chair is MINE now. Zzzzzz!"