cute tabby kitten playing with toy
"Hai I am Moritz. I just caught this pink birdie!"

Max and Moritz, 2 lovely tabbies, were born in the shelter in Germany. Their cat mama was brought into the shelter pregnant. Several weeks after the kittens were born, Tina Weber’s mother saw their photos on the internet. “My mom instantly fell in love with them, so she rushed to the car right away and was on her way to bring the kittens home,” said Tina.

“They are 2 months old brothers. Max is the one with the white paws and he is more trusting than his brother Moritz,” said Robert Weber, Tina’s brother. “Max is the runt of the litter, but he is so curious and brave. Moritz is the biggest of the litter, but he seems most timid. They both love to play with all the balls and cat toys in the house. They also eat as much as 4 adult cats and are growing like crazy,” said Tina. “They love each other very much. They hug, fight, play and get along very well. It’s just heartwarming to watch them in any situation. Sometimes the bigger one seems to miss his mom and he sucks on Max’s belly and Max seems to enjoy it,” said Robert.

“We had a big family reunion this weekend at mom’s house. The kittens were a bit shy at the beginning, but soon they came out of their shell and started playing with everybody. Everyone loved them to death, though my puppy Maddy wasn’t so enthused,” Tina added. “It’s good to have both of them, so they never get bored and always have someone to play with,” said Robert. “My mom got them 4 days ago, but they have already brought so much joy to everybody they met,” said Tina.

Photos courtesy of ©Robert Weber (flickr: boneless79) and ©Tina Weber (flickr: Nobinx).

cute tabby kitten
"I am Max and I am the curious one :)."
cute tabby kitten
"My brother maybe bigger, but I am the curious and brave one!"
cute tabby kitten
"This is my bed. It's comfy!"
cute kitten playing with feather toy
"Wah! I must have it!"
cute tabby kitten
"I love exploring new places, and I love soft beds"
cute tabby kitten
"Play plz?"
cute tabby kitten licking toes
"Ahh my toesies have got a flavor!"
cute tabby kitten playing with cat toy
"Excuse me. I am busy wrestling this thing right now, k?"
cute tabby kitten
"I am the bigger one. I am not shy. I am just being careful ;)"
cute kittens inspecting a toy
"We like to inspect all our toys before we play."
cute tabby kitten
"They said I am a bit shy. They don't know me. Let me show you my scary eyes! Are you scared now?"
cute tabby kitten playing with cat toy
"This feather makes me happy!"
cute tabby kitten catches feather toy
"I caught it! Yay!"
cute tabby kitten
"I like to wrestle with my brother when he is not paying attention."
cute tabby kittens fighting
"Arggh, I wrestle you!"
cute tabby kittens
Max: "Let me tell you a secret. Don't tell anyone, k?" Moritz: "k..."
cute tabby kittens
"Our fight is not over yet Max. Take my paw punch!"
cute tabby kitten sleeping
"ahh tired after a long time of playing."
cute tabby kitten napping
"Me need to catch some zzzzz."
cute tabby kitten taking a nap
"Nite nite!"