cute ginger cats snuggling and sleeping
"To me, this image is Punk and Spew's brotherly love visualised perfectly. While little Punk likes to think he's the alpha male in the house and makes a lot of noise trying to prove it, it's really Spew that carries the size and stature to keep him on top - like he is here." - Ben

Written by ©Ben Hosking.

cute ginger cat and daddy
Spew and daddy Ben

I adopted the boys at the start of 2008. I’d been wanting a cat in my life for some time, having grown up with them around me and suffering the frustration of not being able to due to rental apartments and what not.

I found them through Sydney Pet Rescue. I felt I should do the right thing and save a couple of more mature cats from an uncertain future. Their names were originally Pumpkin (ginger) and Pierre (long hair) and had been living with foster parents for around nine months when I first enquired about them. They had apparently been found as warehouse strays together and were ‘inseparable’. Now aged around five and six years (the original vet could only guess), they’ve settled in wonderfully to their new home, but do still carry some mental scars from their early years.

Punk (ginger short hair) was a gregarious little bugger the moment he walked into my life but has a desperate need for attention and can be a bit of a handful. On the complete opposite side, Spew (long hair) was the most timid cat I’d ever met when he first moved in and it took some time for him to start to relax. Even now, the slightest noise can ruffle his feathers and have him as tense as a caffeine addict.

I started my 365 project on my boys when I bought my new camera. I’d been trying to decide on my first year-long project for a while and the cats just seemed to be the natural choice. I’d already shot a million photos of them and they always offered something new. It has proven very popular and I like to think it continues to bring me closer to them.

I’d urge anyone looking to adopt a pet to look up their local rescue and adoption agencies before visiting pet stores. So many animals are abandoned or end up lost; often put down because new homes can’t be found for them. You’re not just saving an animal in need, but you’re also bringing a wonderful light into your own life.

Photos courtesy of ©Ben Hosking (flickr: Hoskingindustries).

cute ginger cats
"My boys sleep together in various positions like this all the time. They were 'warehouse cats' according to the pet rescue organisation that found them. I adopted them as adults aged 2.5 and 3 years respectively and they were reportedly found together. They're inseperable." - Ben
cute ginger fluffy cat
Spew standing tall
cute ginger cat
Punk's 100-mile stare
cute ginger cat sticking out tongue
"Spew (sometimes known as 'Tonguey') is always good value. Especially if you've got your camera set to shoot multiple frames per second! While he didn't end up with his tongue sticking out for ages after cleaning himself this time, you always know that it'll happen again soon. You just have to wait!" - Ben
cute ginger cat
"Tess was away yesterday, so both boys spent most of the day sleeping on the ottoman in my office, next to my desk. I took the opportunity to snap some shots and got this cute on of Punk when he had a bit of a walk around and a look out of the window." - Ben
cute ginger cats fighting wrestling
"We were watching TV last night when this fight erupted. Spew seemed to start it, but Punk gave as good as he got. But as usual, it didn't last long, no screams were heard and no unduly large chunks of fur were lost. They're really quite gentle about it all most of the time. This shot shows the boys about to fall off the edge of the lounge in a large furry, writhing ball. It certainly made for good viewing!" - Ben
cute ginger cats cuddling
"I captured them last night sleeping on the lounge together on Spew's favourite red doona. They often sleep together in positions like this; normally with Punk coming in later and cuddling up to his big brother." - Ben
cute ginger cat cuddling with girl
"I was able to capture this beauty when Tess started stroking Punk's belly. I'm sure that's a big smile on his face." - Ben
cute ginger cat by the window
"Spew loves to sit at the window in the front bedroom and watch the world go by; checking for birds and upon seeing any, making his funny 'birdie noise'. Here, I interrupted his people watching, but landed a very nice portrrait of the majestic fellow." - Ben
cute ginger cat napping
"Punk can be a difficult cat to live with, but he can also be painfully cute. Perhaps that's his way of redeeming himself after a day of screaming at the top of his lungs for attention, scratching furnishings or acting badly when he doesn't get his way. This image demonstrates some extreme cuteness, but also some extreme bendiness! That's his bottom and tail that he's snuggling up to." - Ben
cute ginger cat and his daddy
A Proud Dad (Ben)