Jack Tripper the Amazing Eyeless Kitty

cute blind kitten grey cat

"Hai I am Jack. I can't see, but I can get around just fine."

Written by ©Jamie (flickr: jcspenny)

My mom and I were actually looking to adopt a new cat when we got Jack. I have a friend who boards her horse at a local riding stable and one of the barn cats gave birth to a kitten. It seemed that spaying didn’t work on the cat, so she gave birth to a single, deformed kitten and was not able to produce milk. Luckily the owners recently had her fixed, so I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.

Jack (at the time he was known as Stevie Wonder) was born without eyes. He’s very lucky with his timing. He grew up having other kittens to play and socialize with, and was used to people from the moment he was born since there are always kids hanging around the barn. He was a favourite amongst the students at the barn. However, when it came time to find the kittens homes, no one knew where Jack would end up. Although some of the kittens already had homes, the ones they couldn’t find homes for would go to the local vet’s to be put up for adoption. They didn’t want to do that with Jack. There was no doubt any of the “normal” kittens would find homes there, but Jack was special.

That’s when I got an e-mail from my friend. All she asked was “Do you still want one of the kittens? There’s one here with no eyes and no one can take him.” She knows me too well. Without thinking I told her that I did want the kitten. I wouldn’t be able to put him in the barn, but who cares?

cute blind cat jack running on the lawn

"When this picture was taken, Jack was hopping through the grass. I'd call his name and he'd come hopping towards me. He crashed into my camera just after this was taken!" - Jamie

I changed his name from Stevie Wonder because I used to have a cat named Stevie who passed away a couple years ago. I’m a huge fan of old TV shows and thought Jack Tripper was a good name for a kitten who couldn’t see. He has done a few classic “Jack Tripper” moves, too. Although he gets around very well (especially now that he knows the layout of the house) but he sometimes does trip or fall over things.

When we first brought him home Jack stayed mostly in my room. He walked cautiously around, sniffing everything. After about a day he had no issues running around, jumping onto my bed and climbing on everything. It wasn’t long before he mastered the rest of the house, either. He went through a time where he could climb the stairs, but couldn’t get down. He would sit at the top and cry until someone came and got him. He’s big enough now that he can get down on his own. Every now and then when he gets disoriented he’ll stop and cry. But we just call his name and talk to him and it isn’t long before he finds his way back to us.

He also went through a period where he would wake me up every morning between 5 – 6 by licking my nose. I’m not a morning person and like my sleep, so I would try everything to get him to stop. I’d pull him away, but he’d come back up and start licking again. I’d turn over, but he’d walk over to my other side and lick my nose some more. I’d even try lying on my stomach, but he’d crouch down, turn his head upside down, and keep on licking my nose! He’s stopped that for the most part now. He’ll still lick my nose, but usually waits until I’m awake now.

cute blind kitten gray cat walking on grass

Adventurous little Jack

Also, a few weeks after getting Jack, we got a new barn cat named Bear. Bear is very friendly and likes to come sit outside with us in the evenings. I always take Jack outside at that time for some fresh air and exercise. He loves to run (at top speed!) around the back yard and gardens. Bear and Jack have become best friends. It doesn’t matter that he can’t see, Jack always knows when Bear is around. He’ll run across the yard straight to Bear and wrap his front legs around his neck in a big hug. They chase each other around and wrestle, and when they’re tired they’ll lie down in the grass together.

He has absolutely no eyes at all. Because of that, his eyelids are too long since they have nothing to cover. His eye holes tend to get weepy because that irritates them a little. As he’s growing, he’s started to grow into his eyelids and may have no issues there at all. But if they’re still irritating him, our vet may consider sewing his eyes shut. Other than that, he’s perfectly healthy.

Jack is truly an inspiration. I’ve owned a lot of kittens in my life, but Jack is the happiest, most playful of them all. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself. Heck, for all he knows, all cats are just like him. People who know Jack don’t feel sorry for him. They cherish him for the treasure that he is. I have talked to a few people who haven’t met him personally who tend to pity him, but they just don’t understand. Jack doesn’t need pity. I think Jean (who has Gumbo the eyeless ginger) said it best when she told me that cats don’t have disabilities, they have adaptabilities.

Photos courtesy of ©Jamie (flickr: jcspenny).

cute blind cat playing

"He's growing like a weed and every day gets more daring and adventurous! He's comfortable with the entire house now, which means I have to go looking for him if I want him. You can take your eyes off of him for just a second and he's gone, climbing up onto something or grabbing at something he shouldn't be. But he's cute, so it's okay.When I take Jack outside to play in the yard he doesn't just walk around the garden now, he runs everywhere! I have never seen a cat run as fast as him. When he hits something, he just turns around and runs the other way." - Jamie

cute blind cat kitten

Getting ready to pounce

cute blind cat grey kitten in the garden

cute blind cat grey kitten

Jack loves to play in the gardens

cute blind cat checking out a plant

Jack was exploring the porch. He's so curious about everything!

cute blind cat

Jack waving at us :)

cute blind cat grey kitten

cute blind kitten and his kitty buddy hanging out in gardens

"Jack loves hanging out with his uncle Bear. He runs straight to him from across the yard and wraps his front legs around his neck in a big hug. The two of them will wrestle and chase each other around. When they get tuckered out, Jack and Bear will lay in the grass next to each other. Bear is so good to little Jack, it's nice to see Jack with a cat friend." - Jamie

cute kittens playing in the garden

Little Jack loves playing with Bear.

cute blind cat grey kitten

"I am a happy kitty. I love life!"

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409 Responses to “Jack Tripper the Amazing Eyeless Kitty”

  1. Yew says:

    Jack is really lovely!

    Although he got no eyes, but he look like he's smiling in every pictures with his eyelids closed.

    His story is very inspirational. He's lucky to be in a nice and warm home. :)

  2. Lize says:

    He is adorable and you're so lucky to have found each other. Thank you for loving him and giving him a chance ♥ I would've done the same.

    • julie says:

      OMG!!!! i am a sucker for baby critters like that! they all deserve a chance & it doesnt help that i work at a vet office… he is such a little cutie pie!!! how could anyone have turned him away! i am so glad you had it in ur heart to take him in and give him a good home. cher baby!

      • Debra Olsen says:

        makes me mad when human error results like this…but, so glad there are some people who will love & nurture the precious little creatures anyway. NOTE TO SHELTERS: PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP! I too would take an “adaptable” (read adoptable) cutie like this. :-)

  3. Richelle Craig says:

    little jack tripper is so precious, bless you for giving that baby a family 😀

  4. Chappy says:

    Awww~ Sweet little Jack is totally lovely with uncle Bear.

  5. AnaK says:

    I hope that in Venezuela some one adopte a kitti that is bliend. This is a amazing history

    I just have said thank you for tell us about Jack

    • Lars says:

      AnaK, someone has. I'm from Venezuela, and a good friend of mine here has 8 cats and 3 dogs (all wonderfully cared for, she's not a crazy cat lady), and one of her cats, Onix, is blind from birth (has eyes but he's blind).

      She has given him a good home, and he's a very sweet and lovely cat.

  6. Candace says:

    What a doll. He can teach all of us something about being happy with what we have.

  7. Rick says:

    God bless you for giving that sweet cat a good home! Thank you for such a heartwarming story and I know that Jack will be blessed for a long long time.

  8. Drbones says:

    what an awesome story- animals and their zest for life never cease to amaze me. You are an angel for giving that little kitty angel a home

  9. Lizzy says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, and thank you for adopting this wonderful, energetic, otherwise perfectly normal kitty!

    So many would not have given him a chance at the happy life he obviously has with you!

  10. Lynda says:

    This was an amazing story about an amazing little guy! Sounds like Jack doesn't need anything but love, and he's getting plenty of that! Animals can really adjust to adversity, and become ver handycapable just like little Jack has bless his little heart! The older he gets the more alble he will be as he will know his surroundings inside out! Uncle Bear is a big plus to him too as he can take the helm and guide him when need be, and Jack and he are such good buddies, they will most likely always be inseperable and want to be where the other is. That makes Uncle bear acks seeing eye companion too, and Bear will see that Jack doesn't get himself into any trouble that could harm him! This whole story is such a big inspiration, and says what do you mean I can't do it! Watch me! People should take a cue from little Jack, and realise they have no limitations, just go for it like this little kitten has! Kudos Jack!!!!!

  11. Kacee says:

    Love Jack! And so glad he found a loving home and has Bear to be buds with. He has such a sweet personality cuz all the pics has him "smiling" and full of personality! I didn't like reading about how his eyes will get sewn but if that helps keeps the dirt out and from getting weepy then so be it… He is adorable!

  12. Nuria says:

    What an amazing little guy. Bless you for giving him a home he can live a happy normal life in.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god!!! I just love Jack. I would have taken him in a heartbeat. I work with people with disabilities. So Jack would have fit right in. Have fun with him!!!

  14. Jack is a wonderful kitty, you can see his zest for life in every photo! Thank you for giving this fantastic boy a great home.

  15. Mary says:

    What a sweet little boy! He's lucky to have you and Bear in his life. So wonderful to read happy kitty stories!

  16. What a touching story, always a pleasure to read about people who care and love their cats no matter what!

  17. Marilyn says:

    What a sweet little guy and what a heart warming story.

  18. phebiekitty says:

    What a sweet beautiful boy!!!

  19. Norman Murray says:

    What an inspiring story an amazing kitty and very special human. Thank you for the story!

  20. Christine Aspinall says:

    Really a wonderful story! Little Jack is an inspiration to all animals and humans alike! So happy that he has such a terrific home and people and a cat friend who love him! :)

  21. notemily says:

    This is such a great story. I'm amazed that he is able to remember where everything is and jump up on things with no eyes! I'm glad he has Bear for a friend. He looks like such a happy cat.

  22. Leslie says:

    How adorable and happy he is. Cats are so wonderful. The best to you and the beautiful cat.

  23. Brian says:

    That little Jack is a wonder of life and is a true inspiration to all of us!

  24. Linda says:

    What a great story. I will say that my cat Lucky has adaptabities for now on,he had his teeth removed and wakes me by licking my nose at 6am for feeding.Lucky was picked up by an owl and his throat cut and I think it made him a very special kitty and I think thats what Jack is too! Best of luck to him he is secial and happy…

  25. C says:

    Jack Tripper is an absolute love!! =^..^=

  26. Olivia says:

    What a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing :) I loved the bit about how he licks your nose, it's amazing how he could find it no matter how much you tried to hide it! When I was a child I took to a neighbours cat with one eye and to me the cat was special, not unwanted at all. It's just like with deaf kitties, their senses make up for what they are lacking and they live fulfilling and amazing lives. Jack is the most gorgeous little boy and I can see how loved he is and how much fun he has with his best friend, no pity coming from me at all :)

  27. Olivia says:

    PS i agree with the comment about cats not having disabilities but having adaptabilities! I have seen stories with cats that have no paws and I personally new a little boy (who's awful owners bred two tail-less manx cats together) who had his hind legs paralyzed but he learnt to start to crawl and walk! He died suddenly from a bowel problem which was heartbreaking but while he was alive he was a little inspiration to us all. I hope everyone who reads these stories will consider giving a cat with 'adaptability' a chance if they ever get the opportunity.

  28. Nikita Cat says:

    An absolutely stunning, touching, story, with beautiful pictures!

  29. Bali Suut says:

    Somebody pass me a tissue. That's love at its purest form. Thank you Jamie, may God bless you.

  30. Angitia says:

    What a beautiful story:-)

  31. Susan says:

    Love, love, love this – thanks for making my day!

  32. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for your story. I hope we all learn lessons from animals. They don't have time to feel bad and wonder if they can make it. They more than make it. Yeah animials!

  33. Linda says:

    Jack is a sweetie! Love the action shots. Thanks for posting!

  34. katboxjanitor says:

    His adorable face just makes me want to grin and snuggle my own kitties.

    Great story and thanks for sharing it!

  35. Dee says:

    What an amazing story and heart warming…tfs Jamie, Jack is a handsome little boy!

  36. Sandria Farley says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. It is beautiful and so is little Jack Tripper. Thanks to the caring person who adopted him. The pictures are so beautiful, he is adorable and he loves his Uncle Bear so much! I can't thank you enough for posting this for all to see.

  37. Joan says:

    tears of happiness for you and Jack!

  38. lisa says:

    What a nice story!

  39. Margo says:

    what a fantastic story – I just love the pictures of Jack – he is just adorable!! Animals truly are amazing and you can learn so much from them. Thanks for sharing this post!!

  40. Stephanie says:

    What an adorable little boy! Kuddos to you for following your heart.

  41. Corrine says:

    So sweet!

  42. Susan says:

    What a great story – so sweet! Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over, uuhhmm, whatever he pleases…. ;-))

  43. Marie says:

    This is the very best Cat story that I have read in a long time.Jack who is so cute healthy and adorable. Thank You for loving him and giving him a life. I love rescue storys and I always take in lost abused or abandoned cats but I have never had a Jack. I would Love him forever.So Sweet.

  44. memmem says:

    He's so cute!!!!!

  45. jennifer says:

    He's soooooo adroable. Thank you for living him and giving him a chance. YOU are a hero. :)

  46. kat says:

    what a lovely story. thank you!

  47. cindy says:

    God Bless him! <3

  48. Marissa says:

    Thankyou for posting this story, it gives our furry friends with physical challenges a new light.

    • Tina Ricca says:

      Soo cute, wish I had him. Bless this lady for taking good care of him and treating him like he is a normal cat, even though he is normal! He is just soo adorable! My lil girl seen his picture and said mommy, thats a cute cat! Even with diabilitys, cats can still have a normal life with the right owner, god bless the kitten and the owner!

  49. carollyn minor says:

    Congrats on Jack, all my cats are rescues.

  50. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Very inspiring to hear about Jack

  51. jeanette says:

    this is a very inspiring story shows animals with disabilities can lead happy lifes if giving a chance

  52. Barreleh says:

    lovely story.

    For a similarly great read about a blind cat, get "Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat"

    I think you can get it on Amazon.

  53. Wendy Webb says:

    Great story … fab pics … so glad it has worked out :)

  54. Wendy says:

    Jack is a beautiful and inspiring little guy! So sweet! Looks like he is smiling with his eyes closed.

  55. mary says:

    He is so precious…lucky he has u..

  56. Kiki says:

    I love this story, however, am feeling kinda bothered after reading the story. I'm not a vet and I don't know the whole story with his eyes, but I feel the need to point this out. Wouldn't he feel awkward and weird if the lids are sewn together and can't use them no more(as I can see in some pictures that he does open his lids)? Like I said, I don't know the whole story and I'm no vet, but I thought I'd point that out as something to consider before you do make the decision…But if it's the healthy thing to do, I'm all for it! Only the best for loving kitteh like him!

  57. Angel says:

    Wow, it looks like my baby boy Dove.

    he had some condition when he was born after his mother gave birth. Dove looks like him, but only with one eye open.

    So we called him one eye Willy from the famous pirate from the movie called the Goonies.

    Cats are awesome, bunch of fur balls of love. =)

  58. trần tuấn anh says:

    go Jack, make a life !!!!!!!!

    juz crying when i read about Jack

  59. Kim says:

    What a lovely story! he looks so happy …We just lost ours this weekend and this really made me smile~

    Thank you!!!


  60. Raychelle says:

    The story of Jack is beautiful and I think cats are cool people too. When I was a little girl my brother and sister shared a cat name Patty, patty got into an altercation and lost an eye. We didn’t have much money at all, but our mom figured out how to pay for the cat to have surgery and Patty had one eye after that. Patty lived for 15 years. A devoted neighborhood Tom/Pussycat. I LOVE CATS

  61. Laurie says:

    He is an inspiration and proof that nature and love conquers all.

  62. Tamara says:

    What a wonderful and happy story! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  63. Lisa says:

    What a little angel. He looks like he's smiling. Truly a happy little kitty. Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing.

  64. Debbie says:

    I love stories like this. I volunteer at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue in Fort Collins, CO and there are always warm stories like this to out-weigh the bad ones.

  65. Ivy E. Allen says:

    I have a cat who is blind in one eye, it's as if she has two eyes. Jack has extremely keen hearing,smell, and taste. He's amazing!

  66. Ingrid says:

    What a cutie pie ♥♥♥

    He makes me want to kiss him and stroke him for hours ^^

  67. Jessica says:

    My heart just melted… what a gem he is.

  68. catherinemarshall says:

    I like how Bear hides on Jack by sitting beside him and not saying anything. Jack reminds me of Jose Feliciano (you will have to ask your mom who he is) with his head in the air looking for Bear. xxoo

  69. Carrie says:

    Jack is such a cutie pie!

  70. becky says:

    awwww omg so cute, im so glad he seems to have very loving ppl who will and are taking care of this amazing creature,,,, enjoy and cherish every day, he deserves it,, :)

  71. Cynthia Whitaker says:

    What a wonderful story! Jack is happy, healthy & well loved…what more could any animal want!

  72. KBob says:

    Hay jack!!!! I wish i had brail!!!! You are a wonder of the world my little friend!!!! Who needs to see when they have a spirit as huge as yours!!!! Meow for Pip and Avy…..and a cuddle from me :)

  73. vmpyrchik says:

    Cute as a button!

    Thanks for taking a little guy like that in. He's a handsome dude, and it's great that he's adapted so well.

    Congrats. You are both very heroic. :)

  74. Cheri says:

    I have a blind Cat and he's just a treasure,I'm so happy to know that you are enjoying Jack,becareful not to take your eyes off him when he goes outside,thank you for sharing your story!

  75. ChubbyKatze says:

    I was so pissed off about 5 seconds ago and now I can't stop the tears from coming. This is a beautiful and wonderful story and I just literally fell in love with a creature I'll never meet. Thank you for sharing Jack's story. Jack and whoever shared this as well as his life and love are all wonderful. Much love and adoration.

  76. Connie says:

    I have a one-eyed cat, Kitty, who wants to tell Jack "kudos!" No eyes, one eye… it's all good!! Kitty found me as about a 3 month-old and had a badly oozing eye. I promptly snatched her up, took her in w/my 1 yer old chihuahua and 10 year old tabby, took her to my vet, got her bad eye cleaned out and sewn shut, got her fixed and TAA-DAAAAA!! Our newest addition at the time! She is the spunkiest of my now 4 cats and one pooch and "looks" at life as the glass is half FULL!! We just love her, love her, loooove heeeerrrr!! >^..^<

  77. Plobes says:

    what a sweet adorable baybay!!

    i wants to give himz hugz and kishesh!!!

  78. Cathleen LoCicero says:

    This is a magnificent story! Thank you for sharing it. You are so special yourself for taking him in and loving him. If he had been born somewhere else he could have been euthanized. Our kitties give us unconditional love. I will certainly share your story! God bless you.

  79. Julie says:

    What a great story! So happy that Jack is enjoying life! What a sweet little man! :>D

  80. Deborah says:

    This is a great story filled with love and a happy ending for all involved.

  81. God Bless Jack! Thank you for sharing. Jack is an inspiration and he's so-o cute!!

  82. Tammy Alenduff says:

    Thank You so much for sharing this story. Your friend is so right – animals never have a disability. I have a cat that has only one eye. How she lost it, I have no idea. I found her when she was about 6 months old & literally near deaths door. I know God put her in my hands to save her (vet tech experience paid off, lol) and she is the best cat I've ever had! So MUCH personality!! She is also the best mouser & fly catcher you can find!!!

    God Bless You and Jack!!

  83. Pattie Aldridge says:

    this goes to show that there are people out there that really care about the well-being of cats like jack tripper. even though he may not have any eyes, he still knows his surroundings.

  84. Lynn Buck says:

    >^..^< Such a sweet, sweet story … Jack is beyond precious … Bear too! I LoVe happy endings & it looks like Jack & his Uncle Bear are going to live happily ever after … thanks to their 'fairy god-mother' Jamie ~ sending lots of hugs & kisses <3

    I had an elderly kitty, Tabbie who lost most of her hearing & vision, but like Jack it didn't stop her from getting around & enjoying life, she was precious & would bump into things sometimes, but it didn't stop her from getting to her favorite chair or sunny place to snuggle & snooze the afternoon away … thanks for sharing such sweet photos & Jack's story

  85. jessica says:

    ohh this is so sad but happy!!!! i love u jack!!

  86. ash says:


  87. What a sweet sweet Baby Jack. I love him. Thank you for loving him too.

  88. Jo A Nelson says:

    I enjoy every moment I can with my little black cat Tituba and Boots. Her breed is Bombay. My Mancon/Angora Tabbie male, Boots is partly blind in one eye and has brain damaged. Like Jack his gets around very well and caught his first mouse a month ago. With God all Things are Possible.

  89. Vera Stricklin says:

    Jack is an adorable cat. Having no eyes, doesn't seem to handicap him. He's inspiring.Remings me of Jesus saying, "Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe."

  90. loretta says:

    People can take Jack as an inspiration. Such a delight!

  91. Joy loves Jim says:

    You and Bear are sooooo lucky to have Jack in your lives. Thanks for sharing his story. I know he will have a happy life.

  92. Anna Cambra says:

    This is proof that we see with our hearts <3

  93. Jeffers says:

    On this website, we're all cat-lovers, and I would like to think that all of us here wouldn't think twice in taking in a kitty with a disability. Doing this would not only provide a loving home to an animal in need, but it would certainly enrich our own lives. Thank you for sharing your story.

  94. Barbara says:

    He's just too cute!!! Such a beautiful cat! And so sweet looking!

  95. Vern says:

    Today is September 11 and as we all know in America it can be a somber day to remember. Jack transformed my melancholic morning into a very bright and cheery day.

    Bless his heart.

  96. Leslie says:

    I read the story about Jack and I wept, its a beautiful story about a cat that doesn't let anything get in his way of being happy and content with being not able to see. This cat is beautiful and I would love to meet him some day. I am thankful that there are people in the world that have heart and love, alot. Thank you for your story, give Jack a kiss for me.

  97. Dianne K says:

    That was a very nice story about a beautiful kitten.I am so glad to hear that you made him a part of your family.It brought tears to my eyes.

  98. wendy desrochers says:

    Such a beauty!!!!!!!

  99. Meesh says:

    What a wonderful thing you have done! He's a beauty, and I hope he brings you many years of joy! I have five rescues, and they bring me happiness every single day! God bless you, Jack and Bear!

  100. Susan Harrison says:


    You are ever so special. May the Lord richly bless you. I love a pretty kitty like you! We have a kitten who looks a lot like you and she is about 3.5 mos old.

  101. michelle says:

    oh my gosh, jack is such an adorable an lucky little guy!!!!

  102. nesky jimenez says:

    i really like this cat when i finished reading the story it made me cry its really sad, god bless this little kitty he has a great life, god some day will make a miracle and will make him see the great life that he has.!! :)

  103. jd cooley says:

    Beautiful kitty and is fortunate to have such a caring human to look out for and care for him. :)

  104. Candace C says:

    Meows and purrs and hugs to Jack and Bear and his wonderful family!

  105. Lynn says:

    The life lessons jack will teach you as well as he will learn from the love you and bear give him are priceless. You truely are blessing to all!

  106. Cindy says:

    this is a great cat and that is so great as how it adjusts too and feels the secure and love from its masters and showing that he loves and thanking you in his own special way and enjoy to the fullest.

    I have two cats too. the one is jetBlack and is cross sited and the other cat is a runt but they treat each other like mother and daughter and they both share attention from me and they share there love too me and sometimes acts like they are in charge of us.

  107. Carol Halbert says:

    Jack is truly adorable. He is as well adjusted as any kitteh. He is truly a miracle and I am sooo happy he has just what is the purrrrfect home for him….A loving family, inside luxuries, and his Uncle Bear to play with so that he has kitteh company as well as hoomans around. He is just precious and I know you are very happy you have him. He is, indeed, an inspiration and a walking miracle as well. Go Jack!!!!! You ROCK!!! I lubs yas oh sooooo very much and wish I could get some of your goodly kisses and hugs!!!!! xoxoxoxo <3

  108. Reneda Baer says:

    Jack is absolutely adorable. We have a blind cat as well. Her name is Memphis and she keeps up w/her 7 siblings w/no trouble at all. Blind cats are amazing. They truly are adaptable. I think it's wonderful that Jack gets to play outside. Unfortunately we live in town so Memphis hasn't gotten to explore the outside since she was found. But they really are so curious. They want to check out every single thing in their environment and seem to have no fear at all. They are such loveable, precious little souls! Thanks for sharing Jack's story!

  109. Vicky Jones says:

    As you stated, Jack is a very special kitty. He will teach you exactly what unconditional love really is. You will learn so much from him as I did from Special who was born with eyes, but was blind. I named him Special because he was so very special to me. Take good care of you very special friend as I know you will. I could absolutely feel the love you have for him in your story. Thank you so much for sharing Jack with us and send Jack my love.

  110. David says:

    Very happy for this kitten you have given him a good home and loving care. May the gods be with you

  111. Jenn says:

    Jack Tripper is soooooooooooooooo cute!!!! Reminds me of my Bootsie Girl….color wise.

  112. Carol says:

    LOVE HIM!!!

  113. Sally Swinford says:

    I too have a kitty who has no eyes. Her name is Pixie and she is a beautiful calico. She had an infection in her eyes and they had to be removed. I found her when she was kitten. They are so amazing, an loving creatures. Pixie too likes to kiss my nose. She catches flys and uses her whiskers as feelers. There is an organization that tries to save these animals, many times they are put down. Bless you for taking Jack, he looks very happy.

  114. Robyn Neitzelt says:

    Jack is so amazing and cute. Makes my heart so happy he is having a wonderful life.

    Thank you to his owners, awesome.

  115. Brian says:

    What great pictures and what an amazing story…love it! How lucky for you that you found him, and how lucky for him to be taken into such a great home who loves him. Thanks for sharing!

  116. Ashley H says:

    He is so cute! I loved hearing his story :]

  117. Diane says:

    Love the story of Jack,he is adorable. I have 2 cats of which 1 is blind as mother had litter in storage shed of fertilizer. My son brought him home from work and he has been a mommas boy from the start, if I leave he cries til I get home. We dont let him go out as he disappears too quickly and it took 2 hours for me to find him.I am glad that you took him into your home and heart as it is hard to tell what would have happened to him.

  118. Jennifer Liggett says:

    What a sweet boy! I love his story! He's such an inspiration!

  119. Robin J says:

    I adopted a senior citizen eyeless cat a couple of years ago. His owner went to a nursing home and the home health worker brought Phatt to the local shelter. I met him within an hour. Knowing an older blind cat might have trouble being adopted or adjusting to shelter life, he came home with me. Before let him join my other cats, I had the vet test him and see what he could find out: healthy, at least 12 yrs. old, probably born eyeless.

    Since he came from a very quiet home, I planned to create a special space for him so he could safely explore without having to confront other cats. Much to my surprise, after spending one night in the bathroom, when I opened the door, he stood there (like Bambi's father), smelled the air and joined the rest of my pride, with full house access. Like Jack Tripper, Phatt doesn't have any disabilities that I can see, other than going down stairs. He chases the other cats, climbs on furniture, jumps on the bed and greets every visitor at the door to be rubbed and petted.

    This year I adopted a kitten that was born with one eye. He is very patient and visits children at schools and senior citizens at their homes.

    I hope other folks will broaden their perspectives and adopt animals that have adaptabilities and those special pets at shelters.

  120. Thank You So Much for sharing your lovely story about Jack. I'm also the very proud owner of a beautiful kitty born without eyes named Blink. She was at our local shelter & had been brought back 3 times. The minute I saw her, I knew we were meant for eachother. She came home with my other 4 cats and you would never know anything is different. She eats, plays, uses the liter box just like the rest of them. The only thing different is she insists on sleeping on the pillow next to me.

  121. anonymous says:

    Amazing , Thumbs Up for the family who adpoted the cat. ^^

  122. Marti says:

    Love Jack! Praying God Bless You for caring about a little sightless kitty who seems to be missing nothing at all!! I pray you and Jack and Bear have many joyous, healthy years together!

  123. Rose says:

    What an awesome story about this cute kitten, Jack! I hope he has a long and happy life with playmate Bear, and his humans. Bless them all.

  124. AG says:

    Jack is wonderful!

  125. john shoe says:

    WOW ! Such a handsome little guy ! I absolutely LOVE his colouring and markings ; he looks like a British Shorthair :-)

    Our animal companions ( they're far superior to us in every aspect , imo ) still have the ability to work with their other intuitions

    ( smell , sounds , feeling , and the energies of other beings ) , whereas we have almost completely lost that ability .

    I have an American Shorthair with Calico markings ; her name is "Molly" , and she's partially blind .

  126. Sharon says:

    Hi Amy, Love your story! We have a cat who was born with just one nearly-blind eye. It doesn't slow her down! If you can make Jack a fb page, there are many differently-abled animals there. FB search for "one-eyed kitty cats","blind dog","blind cat", or "handicapped pets". Some of our friends to look for: Myron Wood, Tiny Timmy, Zoe Spumoni, Rainbow Diamond, Lucy OneEyed Cat, Willie Hodge, and Jimmy Jet Golub. We have a fun and supportive pet lovers' group!~~Felisha and her Mama ;-3

  127. Alyssa Mallozzi says:

    I was crying reading this. He's so precious and he knows he's loved because there is a SMILE on his sweet fuzzy face! It was a bit personal for me, because I know what it's like to have a disability and still thrive. I am blind in one eye and I have overcome the obstacles that have come up due to it. This is so inspiring and gives me the strength to keep going. Bless you Jack, for touching my life.

  128. ceci schiedow says:

    what a beautiful kitty.

  129. Anonymous says:


  130. Rikki says:

    I am so glad this kitten story has gotten so popular. Its sad how many cats are over looked because of a handicap, but so many people have fallen in love with Jack, so hopefully this will help people change their minds.

  131. Susan Miller says:

    This is the sweetest most heartwarming story ever! God Bless Jack and your wonderful loving family for not worrying about what he cant do, but enjoying him for what he CAN do!

  132. rosana says:

    what a beautiful story, Jack is so cute!

  133. Genevieve says:

    Beautiful – thank you for sharing Jack's story. Amazing how resilient animals are when faced with physical handicaps. Viva Jack!

  134. April says:

    Bless you for taking this cat in! Your story brought tears to my eyes. He is absolutely adorable and is obviously a love in your life. Kitties with disabilities have just as much to offer, if not more, than able-bodied kitties!

  135. Paula says:

    what a sweet face!

  136. Jennifer says:

    aaw, he's adorable, and a great example to sighted individuals that blindness isn't the end of the world.. though I'm sure it's a little easier to handle with whiskers, like having canes coming out of your face hahaha.

  137. masha says:

    aww its sad hes got no eyes :( but thanks god hes got a sweet home )))))))

  138. yusnerizal says:

    our family had an eyeless mackerel tabby once..just like Jack, he is such a loving and playful soul and was very close to my niece.. sadly he was taken away from us too early but i'm sure he's happily roam around and playing in heaven now :)

  139. Roxie says:

    Jack is such a handsome boy. He doesn't seem to know he's supposed to have eyes. God bless you for taking Jack into your home. He seem very content.

  140. anonymous says:

    just a little tip for those whose friends wake them up early in the morning… put a bit of dry food out for them just before you go to bed. cats get the midnite munchies, too!

  141. Mookie says:

    I hope people can apply the lessons of Jack to the blind people they meet. Being blind isn't really a big deal unless you make one out of it. That's affirmation, not insensitivity. My wife is blind, and we became fast friends because I never made the same limiting assumptions about her that most people did, despite the fact that I had never met a blind person before. I always just assumed she knew what she was doing and would only help her with something if she asked. (Oh, and of course, all my kitties are rescues.)

  142. genna says:

    wow thats amazing

  143. Carla says:

    What a simply endearing story. Thank you for taking him and taking such good care of him – what a lucky little guy to have someone like you. :)

  144. BakkoBrats says:

    Great story! My hubby took in a little female calico who was missing her back feet and most of her front toes and half of her tail due to frostbite as a kitten. She was his little "halfcat" and she grew into a beautiful lady. Much like your cat Jack, "Sweet Pea" wasn't handicapped, she was fully adapted to her abilities. She could race up and down stairs and tear throught the house and play and have fun like every other cat. She could even jump up on chairs and the bed and the couch. She was a complete inspiration to everyone who met her. "Different" animals are always the ones who accomplish their mission of winning our hearts and teaching us the true meaning of being a champion.


  145. Stephanie says:

    This kitty is so adorable and sweet:)♥

  146. Darla says:

    You are a wonderful human being! God bless all you do! I loved reading this and seeing pictures of your beautiful kitties. I have many rescued cats and I love them all very much!

  147. Jill Stevenson says:

    What a sweet wee kitty. Ah, don'tya just wanna cuddle him up? As a kitty mum myself I felt tearful when I first started to read this but towards the end I felt exhalted. Thank you for giving wee Jack a home. He looks really, really happy…and that makes me very happy :) xx

  148. Dina says:

    I love this story! God bless all the amazing Jack's in our lives and all the amazing Amy B.'s who know how to recognize their worth! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  149. Susan Reid says:

    Jack is just precious! And he is so amazing! I'm so glad that he found the perfect home with you, Julie.

  150. Julie McHugh says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story! I love little Jack and his Uncle too. It is great to know that you are Jack's family.

  151. Ed Love says:

    How can you NOT fall in love with all of these incredible critters?!

  152. Alex says:

    Your Jack is growing quite well! His markings remind me of one of my outdoor cats, Van. The assymmetry (sic?) is striking. I take it that Bear is his guide and protector?

  153. Redhawk says:

    Great story and photos! Both of your "boys" are just handsome, bold fellows! I had a cat with a temperament like Bear. Harlan, we ended up calling him "Uncle Harlie" because he too took every kitten or young cat we had or got, during his time with us, under his wing, to love, cuddle and teach all important cat things to. lol I think young Jack landed in the clover patch! He smells all the world and that is his sight. Clearly, he is a sweet, wonderful, happy kitty-boy, who misses nothing in his adventures.

  154. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspirational story. Most people would have put him down. You gave him the chance to become the wonderful cat that he is and he really loves life! Both of you are a blessing! People could learn a lesson from Jack. Thanks for sharing.

  155. Ruth Graham says:

    You are an angel in disguise; what a blessing to have a person like you on this planet.

    Jack is so beautiful and so very lucky to have you.

  156. Fisher says:

    This is a wonderful story! Such a cute little guy (or maybe not so little anymore). You photos really capture him and I feel like I know him!

  157. Barbara says:

    Love life and have fun.

  158. Jaana says:

    We can all be motivated by little Jack – be adaptable! He is truly an inspiration, and is very lucky to have you and his new family.

  159. San Dupree says:

    I sit here in tears about Jack Tripper not for his loss but, for his gain. A lot of disfigured and challenged animals are put down or left to die but, this shows that they can be just as much as any blind person or someone who is unable to walk.You would go the extra mile for them so why not the Jack's of the world.


  160. LIL LEWIS says:




  161. Ree says:

    I have always had a soft furry spot in my heart for the critters that were born without all their parts…I heart this kitty even though I never met him…get it Jack, get it!

  162. Wendy M. says:

    I agree with all the other posters–little Jack is really a lucky cat. He looks a lot like a little kitten I recently adopted named Spring.

    I actually have another cat who has a neurological condition that causes him to wobble when he walks, but that doesn't stop him at all. And, like Jack, Charlie is the happiest ct.

    I continue to learn so much from my 6 cats.

  163. Kathi says:

    Some "special" kittens that become "special" cats, are amazing at what they can do. Yes, cats with special situations, can work around them. They think they are "normal", as mentioned above, so they are "normal". When they are actually extraordinary. They often even seem to love life more than cats that have no difficulties in their lives. Wonder why that is?

  164. Kris says:

    I was just about to say…read "Homer's Odyssey"…marvelous story….then looked up, and someone else had. These special kitties are truely handi-capable…not one ounce of pity felt or needed. With love a miracle happens for them.

  165. Nihal Burak says:

    I love reading stories like Jack's. I am one who would take a kitty such as Jack. He is really a beautiful kitty, surely to be a beautiful cat. I adopted a black lab 2 years ago, blind in his left eye and with several physical limitations. Soon to be put down I adopted him from another state. He has proven to be a blessing…well he really didn't have to prove anything to me. Animals are nicer than people!!!

  166. Maureen says:

    What a truly awesome story and such a lovely little boy! A couple of the pics brought tears to my eyes *sniff* How inspiring!

  167. Bob says:

    Praise the Lord!

  168. Rachel says:

    such an adorable kitten! and what a wonderful story behind him!

  169. Susie Scott says:

    Such a good little cat! Most worthy to be the subject of the major Caturday (fark.com) story on 9-18. Like carollyn minor wrote on sep 7, shortly before midnight, all the multiple cats who live with us now are rescues of one sort or another. (Of the 10 now resident, 7 came to us, 2 were born here & 1 was adopted from elsewhere. Of the 7 or 8 previous cats, ALL were rescues.)

  170. Michaela says:

    This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing and thank you for bringing Jack into your home!

  171. love this story and the pics are soooo cute!

  172. kris says:

    What a cutie!! Story made me sad at first but when I read how happy he is, it makes me feel better :)

    My kitty doesn't see very well but that doesn't stop her from catting it up like her 'normal' brother.

    Yay for kitties!!!!

  173. Rob says:

    Glad to see this wonderful story. i have a cat of my own that is the same as this one, however he only has 1 eye but the missing eye looks the same as this ones.

  174. Tally White says:

    What a delightful, inspirational story. Another rescue success. Now all you need is a Mr. and Mrs. Roper, a Chrissy, and what was the other girl's name?

  175. Jennifer says:

    what an adorable, happy kitty and I am glad he found a loving home

  176. Catlover26 says:

    Oh dear, it appears http://www.fark.com has found out about Jack.

    Many 'awws' were had.

  177. Anya says:

    I think Jack is awesome!

  178. Kevo says:

    Jack Tripper makes Simple Jack's eyes rain.

  179. marzbarz says:

    God bless you and the kitties , you must be a special , wonderful person.

    Much love to you !!!!

  180. Niketta elam says:

    Awww, what a cutie! He's adorable.

  181. Lashantina says:

    I love jack! I love that he knows the house by heart and that he gets to go outside, too! He has no fear and he is an inspiration.

  182. addi says:

    love you Jack, its looks always cheerful…

  183. NJ Vet says:

    This is a very heart warming story.

  184. games says:

    Tha kitty is full of life, he seems to love everything and appreciate whatever good he have around him, that is the way humans we should be and quit worried about nonsense issues, we must give great value of what we have and enjoy life. This little cat teach me a lesson :)

    Greetings from Kansas!

  185. Elizabeth Swigar says:

    So nice to read about Jack. And he and Bear are adorable. Thanks for posting. – Elizabeth Swigar

  186. Anon from SA. says:

    Awesome cat, glad he found a caring owner.

  187. Rob says:

    I'm not really the sentimental type, but ended up here off of Digg, and this is awesome. Neat story!

  188. Wiccan says:

    Thank you for posting this kitteh's happily ever after story!! What an inspiration to others that might be facing a choice between a "differently abled" animal and one without so-called flaws.

    We had a beautiful calico who was born with the kitty version of Cerebral Palsy. She wobbled her way through life, convinced that she was as normal as the next kitteh. Our blind Manx, too, was just as happy as any sighted cat out there. Thanks again for sharing this story!!

  189. Carol G says:

    I love that description, "adaptability", it's perfect. Jack's little mustache is adorable, he looks like Hercule Poirot! I think you need to finish Bear's mustache – he needs the left side to match the right side…

  190. Ana says:

    Thank you, Jamie for loving Jack and sharing this beautiful story.
    Jack is such a beautiful cat and his joy and courage are an inspiration to us all.
    Much love

  191. karen gibas says:

    I was so impressed with the story about Stevie Wonder the blind kitty. He is a gift from heaven and the lady that adopted him is his angle. I think he is the luckest kitty to have been given such and angle. I don't feel sorry for Stevie, I admire him. He had so much fun and love to give someone and he needed to show it to someone special. People sometimes don't see a loving animal, they only see that the animal is not normal and they don't want to take on one that has a handicap. But, we are the nes that see it as a handicap not the animal.

  192. Marcelo says:

    Congratulations for givin such a humain point of view to your cat. Your words can make anyone realize how beatiful life can be as we get gy from small stuff.

  193. Mindy says:

    Thank you for publishing this sweet story :) Made my entire day better!!!

  194. Zooks says:

    Cool cat! Even more inspirational considering eyesight is a cat's strongest sense.

    Amazing how he runs around and plays. Is it memory? Scent? Razor-sharp listening skill? We can only wonder.

  195. Tracey says:

    Until about a year ago, I had a cat very similar to yours that had never seen a thing as far as we knew. He lived with me for 18 years, and was a true joy to have. He was constantly impressive, never even knowing that he lacked anything. It's probably going to be a wonderfully amazing journey having Jack. Congratulations.

  196. andrew says:

    dude sooo sweet!!! and very nice pictures of your kitty too!!

  197. jj says:

    dude dont get his eyes stitched why put him through a pain when there is no problem, anyway we have a cat like this but she has 1 eye (lucky her) and she was thrown over our fence when she was a 2 week old and we still have her 2 years later.

    and with there eyes the stuff that comes out is the stuff that would have kept there eyes moist

  198. esther says:

    Awwww.. he's just so adorable! 😀

    Bless him!

  199. Carmen says:

    Lovely story from lovely, loving, lovable people.


  200. Nancy L says:

    How wonderful that you found each other! Jack is with someone who loves him just as he is and you reap the joy of his unconditional love!

    Thank you for having your heart of gold – the world needs more people like you.

  201. Bill Hunt says:

    Very touching, God bless you.

  202. Philisa Naik says:

    sob- that was SUCH a moving story- hope the lil guy has a long and happy life… seems like he will!

  203. Kindness and love for animals is SO important. I am going to provide a link to this wonderful story of Jack Tripper on my facebook page. We have feral cats and kittens that roam the orangutan care center on the island of Borneo, and all of us are friends.

  204. You really made my day.

    God Bless you all.

  205. Tammy says:

    I love your story about Jack! You are truly a good person to give this special kitty a loving home when some others would have tried to put him down.

    I agree with the comment about "adaptabilities"! I have two rescued litter-mates, brother and sister.

    My boy cat, Jason, was diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma on his shoulder blade over a year ago now. Never once did I consider putting him down, although I know some of my coworkers thought I was crazy. The vet said that the best option was to amputate the front paw and that cats (and dogs) go on to live full, happy lives and they don't seem to even notice the difference.

    She was right! Jason is a happy, healthy and cancer-free kitty now! There have been some adjustments but it's clear that to him, this is life. He doesn't feel sorry for himself. He hasn't stopped playing or snuggling. He definitely hasn't stopped licking me in the face most mornings…lol! His sister has four legs and he has three legs and that's all there is to it!

    It's good to hear stories from other people who have special kitties but most of all it's good for other people to read about these special kitties. Animals with disabilities deserve our love too!

  206. Rosanna says:

    He is such a cute and adorable kitty, his story is such an inspiring one and I am so surprised and thankful that there are some wonderful and caring people such yourselves in this world. Thank you to be part of Jack's life, highly appreciated.

  207. Nikki says:

    Jack and Bear are so cute and awesome!! This story made my day.

  208. lynda chabane says:

    What a wonderfully heartwarming story. You and Jack were obviously meant to be together. He is such an adorable little boy, who's blindness means nothing to him. God bless you for taking him home and also for sharing your wonderful life together with us. Be happy Jack….always xx

  209. Samy says:

    I feel SO sorry for Jack!!! ): Also, it is amazing to see what that cat can do without eyes!!! That is a miracle that he can do all that!!! (:

  210. Linda says:

    oh no! the poor little thing. thats so awful. so so glad that you gave him a very nice home. give him a hug for me.

  211. patty k. says:

    what a wonderful story! amazing and inspiring! My own cat who is now a big healthy 6 yr old crazy rascal, beat all odds also, when half his body became paralyzed in a moment, from a fluke clot…. everyone said he should be put to sleep or have surgery to have his hind legs removed…but i could tell that he had such life in his eyes and such spirit to live… i knew he would overcome and survive…and he has…and more than that , is thriving! More energy and activity than any cat i've known before! haha…. so your story is a very familiar one and close to heart.. thanks!

  212. mel lozano says:

    Jack puts me to shame. He is an inspiration to me and to so many. Long Live Jack!

  213. Skye says:

    That is a wonderful cat, and a wonderful owner. I'm so glad you took Jack in, AND that you are telling his story! So many seem to think that such a creature cannot have any quality of life and should be humanely destroyed at birth. I still have the emails advising of this when my collie puppy was being discussed. I adopted him without hesitation. He is eyeless, just like Jack, and mostly deaf, but he loves life as much as Jack does, is no trouble to live with, and if you didn't look closely, you'd never know about his problems, just like Flying Jack Tripper.

    Thank you for giving this little guy a happy life, and and thank you as well for showing so many people that small problems like blindness are no reason not to adopt a pet with challenges :)

  214. Julie Moss says:

    Jack is sooooooo cute!And Amazing!!GD BL him and Bear and you!!:):):)

  215. Jessica says:

    Thanks for helping sweet little kittens!

  216. Jack you are so beautiful. You are one of God's beautiful creations, and I hope and pray that you live a long, healthy life. God bless you and your owners, and all of your kitty friends. You are a cutie pie!

  217. Amy says:

    OMGoodness! How adorable!!

  218. monica says:

    About JACK so Special!! I wish there was a way for you to give us up-dates (maby so) Happy tears came to my eyes knowing he is so well taken care of and that you gave him a chance to become the kittie JACK how fun to watch him grow and overcome his differences on HIS own as all cat's do !! Love to Jack and bear and your family!!

  219. How wonderful to know there are compassonate people who value all animals & inspire all of us to do the same!!

  220. ruddibardot says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story,

  221. Jessica says:

    He is just way to precious for words. His story is so wonderful! I only wish that this story could touch the lives of so many misguided people who don't understand how powerful these creatures can be. <3 Jessica

  222. Toshiya Matsumoto says:

    I loved the story !! The pictures were great, I am so happy that Jack is enjoying his life to the fullest. Thank you for sharing that with us :)

  223. zhang says:

    i'm so happy that you love jack despite of his blindness…May God give u more blessings in life. this story made me cry but in the end, i'm happy for jack :) Thank you so much!

  224. Carmen says:

    My cat DK wakes me up almost every morning between 5-6 with little kitty kisses on my nose or chin, I used to fight it but it was a losing battle, LOL.

    I hope you have many long & happy years with Jack & Bear.

  225. betty says:

    AMAZING, I know a few humans that could learn from this little angel. What a wonderful and inspiring story

  226. Anonymous says:

    What a doll! You are truly blessed having him in your life :)

  227. masha says:

    i love the story 😀 so glad that such kittens find home )))))

  228. Karin T. says:

    Jack is an inspiration to ALL kitties – Wonderful BOY May he live a long happy life he deserves it!

  229. Gerry says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Jack is adorable! Your pictures have captured his playfulness and zest for life.

    Cats with adaptabilities are very close to my heart. I have several cats and the oldest is Bitty. He's 10 years old and was born blind. He has black orbs for eyes, one little and one protruding. He looks like a teddy bear and I just totally love him!

  230. Leo says:

    I love this cat!I wonder if the man upstairs has a special group of angels that he assigns the task of teaching us the lessons of life and that, just maybe, these "lesson angels" sometimes come into our lives as animals because if we take the time they teach us so much and how to be better versions of ourselves and to those around us.In any case I am always blown away how it takes an "animal" being to teach us how to be a better "human" being. Hey the story of Jack would make a great childrens book to!

  231. Carey Kravitz says:

    You are so sweet to take jack in. I'm sure he appreciates all the love and affection. Rescued cats always seem to be the happiest to me. Knowing that someone loved them enough to save them. Jack is a beautiful example of how no matter what, cats just want to have fun, run, jump, play , and love! Eyes or no, Jack will surely have a wonderful life with you, because you were good enough to see the potential for him to have a happy and complete existence. Stories like this partially renew my faith in humanity. So thank you, and give my love and cuddles to jack!!!!

  232. Vane says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!, that cat is really an example!!!!!!, we all can learn a thing or two from him and his "parents" ^_^

  233. Joyce says:

    I got teary eyes. amazing story indeed. You gave this little guy a great life. 😀

  234. eidda says:

    he is so adorable…..got a strong will to live…never give up to make a happy life of his own…love u baby….

  235. aquart says:

    I already know that eyeless born blind cats can run and jump and play and fight because I knew Olivia, Hyacinth's store cat.

    But piffle on the placement worries. It is amazingly easier to place blind, three-legged, tailless and every other kind of handicapped cat than it is to place a perfectly healthy one.

  236. Allen says:

    Thank you for sharing your family story. Blessings on you and Jack! You all are truly an inspiration!

  237. Toby says:

    What a lovely lovely story! Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful and amazing kitty Jack is! Bless the owner for taking good care of Jack. I wish everybody were as affectionate and warm-hearted as the owner of Jack.

  238. William says:

    This is one of the most touching things I have read. You are a wonderful person for taking care of Jack. He is precious and deserves all the love in the world.

  239. bel says:

    Jack is a complete sweetie, very very sweet ^_^ Thank U for giving him a wonderful garden & house to play in. It is very clear that Jack radiates contentment and happiness in the photos.

    I just want to make a personal observation. From the photos, there is a very distinct sense that Jack is feeling his environment with his entire body. Usually with cats, their eyes are their point of focus, if you know what I mean.

    Hee, Jack's body language reminds me of Asian tales of the blind swordsman! They are invincible too ^_^

    Happiness to all!!!

  240. Allie says:

    To my shame I must confess that I used to be a horrible pet "mommy". I never showed any of them the love and (most of all) respect they so deserve. All that changed when a little black ball of fur showed up in our yard 4 years ago, yowling her head off. She was so tiny I could hardly see her in the grass. I put my hand down and she crawled right in. We have been best buds ever since and we now have 3 other cats, strays we've taken in. My precious sis, who died of cancer 3 years ago, had worked for a humane society and had several cats and dogs. I thought she was crazy! But when I told her about our little bundle of joy and how we couldn't imagine how she found her way here as small as she was (we live in a rural area) my sis said, "God just thought you needed a kitty". She was right, this little girl (Dottie) has taught us more about love and respect than we ever imagined possible.

  241. Hezoid says:

    What an inspiring little kitty! Thank you for sharing such a lovely story.

  242. Lyndsay says:

    What a great story! It’s so wonderful what you have done for Jack! He is such a cute cat and I would have done the same thing for him or any kitten/cat/animal.

  243. Tammy says:

    What a heart warming story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  244. claire Hogenkamp says:

    What a cute little guy. He is a poster kitty for adaptability. You are a blessing to each other.

  245. sashabella14 says:

    Awwww, so cute!

  246. Lorena says:

    What a wonderful story about a beautiful kitten! Jack your an inspiration to the world. I'm so glad he has a friend in Bear.

  247. Jasmine says:

    I am so happy to read that this kitty has a great loving home! He is too precious~ 😀

  248. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing Jack's story with us! I absolutely adore him!

    I've worked with adaptable kitties before, and they are always the most sweet and gentle kitties and their love of life is so warming!

  249. sharon stringer says:


    How gorgeous is jack this story made me smile and truly warmed my heart, i wish there were more people like jamie .How absolutely wonderful.

  250. Nani says:

    Amazing person, amazing cat, amazing story.

  251. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful story..thank-you..

  252. Miranda Lester says:

    So glad you adopted Jack Tripper and I know a lot of us have adopted him in our hearts!! I've always thought that cats have adaptabilities not disabilities; they are much better than we are at adapting to anything because we feel pity or self-pity and convince ourselves that we are miserable and cannot enjoy Life like other "normal" beings. I have adopted and raised several cats with various "disablities" and they make the best kitties of all as they are very accepting of anyone and don't have a mean streak at all!!

  253. Linda Quevillon says:

    I am a cat lover. Jack is amazing and beautiful.

  254. Sonya says:

    Very inspirational, nice, heartwarming story! I just had to share it with my friends. Jack is such a special kitty. I don't have pity on him. I feel happy for him. He's such a special cat and lives life to the fullest, even though he can see the world. That is truly amazing.

    God bless you and everyone who has adoptions and rescues. :)

  255. Kathy Hill says:

    I adopted a one-eyed kitty from the SPCA. I call him Popi. He is the most loveable and affectionate pet I have ever had. He can catch a fly on one try. I love him dearly.

  256. neuro shewazni says:

    aigoo . so cute ! i wish i could hold him . but , how can ? i'm in Malaysia . he faarr away from me . akekeke . i'm fallin in love with jack .

  257. Sheda says:

    I want Jack! He's super cute.

  258. Amber Rose says:

    I loved this story about Jack. It makes me feel wonderful that there are still kind and generous people in this world. AND cats are perfect at overcoming imperfections. Jack is just amazing.

  259. hipp says:

    You have a big heart.Thank you for taking care of Jack.

  260. Daliah says:

    What a lovely story, and what a precious cat!

    Thank you for sharing and congrats for having him, it's a treasure!

  261. Rebecca Scott says:

    Jack is such a cute kitten! It's so nice hearing this story and seeing Jack doing so well. I recently adopted a kitten that is missing one eye. I was worried about him but so far he is unaffected by the handicap. I've also noticed that the other cats don't treat him different because he's missing an eye. Only humans seem to notice.

  262. Samantha says:

    What a wonderful story! You are truly blessed :)

  263. Mindy says:

    I love Jack!

  264. kat says:

    Jack is adorable. Just one thing. If a cat was spayed, she wouldn't have had a kitten, because spaying is removal of the uterus. I had a vet one time that told me(after he did the incision and anesthesia) that he couldn't spay a cat of mine because she was too far along in a pregnancy(he misjudged that too).

    None of the kittens had any physical defects(the third thing he got wrong) but they were all very very slow mentally. We kept them all, and the lived in our barn, but not for long, unfortunately.

    Keep little jack safe – he's adorable!

  265. Jason says:

    cutest furry little animal evah !

  266. Donny says:

    Jack is awesome. I'm glad you gave him a chance when some many would have passed him by if he made it to the vet adoption.

  267. Kittori says:

    That is the most heart warming story I've heard in a long time. He's such an adorable kitten <3

  268. carlivar says:

    You are a good person and make me happy.

  269. Marmbo says:


    Jack is an awesome amazing kitty!!!

  270. Cat says:

    What a great story! My day is better knowing that there are good people in the world to take care of animals like Jack. Thank you!

  271. Janet McClure says:

    God bless you for giving Jack a chance at life. He will continually reward you with unconditional love. Eyes are just a body part. We don't love body parts, but rather the spirits in animals and people. We have rescued cats for some 20 years, but have never been blessed with the care of a handi-capped cat. I would not hesitate to do so. God is directing all we do. For whatever reason he wanted to bless you with Jack. You rock my world, Girl!

  272. Sandy Hale says:

    I had a cat that went blind due to diabetes. He was blind about 5 years and lived until he was 19. No one could tell that he was blind. He walked around like he could see everything! What a sweetie he was!

  273. Janelle says:

    I really want to thank JAMIE, Jack's owner, for being so good to Jack as well as to other cats. I', also an animal lover that's why I'm really thankful that I've read this inspirational story. Jack is so cute and lovable!

  274. Chrissy says:

    I love this story simply because I too have a kitty with this same birth defect. My coworker found her when she was probably only a few weeks ago and was sick. Luckily I work at a vet and the moment I saw her I volunteered to take her. Her left eye is non exsistent and she barely has a right eye. She is all black so she has a very unique look. She can see but we think not very well. I have had my Rita Roo for 4 months and every day is amazed by her. We know she can see because she will chase my dogs tail, But at other times she is constantly running into things. Rita is always making us laugh and has the biggest personality. She is my first cat so I was unsure at first about how to handle a kitty with special needs, but it seems to be shes the one that is training me! I love my Rita Roo!

  275. dini says:

    This is such an inspiration to me! God bless Jack and his owners! 😀 I teared just reading this. Jack reminds me to once in a while pause and just enjoy the simple joys in life. Definitely sharing the story with everyone and anyone i can! 😀

  276. rebecca says:

    Thanks for sharing. My blind kitty recently passed away. He was severely sight-impaired for most of his life before going completely blind for his last four years. His name was Tater, a feral rescue, and was perhaps the sweetest creature ever on this Earth. He learned to navigate my house with "kitty braille"…little strips of rubber shelf-liner taped on the floor around hard obstacles. He was amazing in his ability to adapt and remember his environment. I miss him and his powerful purr.

  277. Kristacular says:

    What a handsome boy! So much fun. I'm putting this on my blog as a must read!

  278. Gina says:

    I rescued a kitten from a drug house about a year ago, and he is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Although he is not blind, he does have something special about him as well. Glad there are more people out there who will love these cats!

  279. Donna Fl says:

    What a wonderful gift you have. Jack should be an inspiration to us all. I believe any cat who is adopted knows they are special and are most of the time very greatful and make a super pet.

    How lucky for both of you that you chose Jack.

  280. Melanie Basich says:

    What a wonderful story. I'm so glad Jack found a loving home with people who understand him.

  281. PJMoore says:

    A friend of mine had a blind kitty. No different from any of the others he had. The only thing different he did for the kitty was keep the toilet seat closed. Kept the kitty from getting wet when she decided to jump around and made my friends bathroom more woman visitor friendly, lol.

  282. Sara says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I am also glad it was Jack who led me hear :)

  283. Bearfooot says:

    jack is a very beautiful boy and you are a very beautiful person for loving him.

    I'm not crying, they're manly tears damnit…


  284. holly says:

    i only just seen this post and omg!! it such a wonderful story i nearly had tears. i love cats so much, and what u have done has given jack a chance in life. so wonderful <3

  285. Eva says:

    what an amazing story. What resilience and yes – luck on part of Jack the blind kitten. I am so happy there are people who adopt special needs kitties. Thank you!

  286. caroline says:

    best wishes and much love to you and your wonderful boy, Jack.

    An inspirational story.

    Thank you for sharing.

  287. Marilyn says:

    Very sweet little kitty and super compassionate tale!

  288. Catluver129 says:

    As I read this article, my eyes started getting teary. It was so touching and moving! Jack is so special, and I am so glad that he was able to find a special family who wants to take care of him. It touches my heart to know that there are people out there that has such big hearts to take something so special into their lives. God bless them!

  289. Thane Poeplka says:

    What an incredible story. I am positive all of humankind quietly thanks you for giving Jack a normal life. It is awesome to hear about how much Jack plays and loves life. Bear and Jack sound like a lifetime of wonderful memories. Keep up the good work, and this story is just another prime example of why we all need to keep having faith in the human race– because of people like you. Awesome pictues, too!

  290. Thane Popelka says:

    oops– mispelled my last name on that one, but least I got Jack's name right. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Inspiring.

  291. Liza says:

    I love this story and it is inspirational. Very nice photo, makes me wish that more people would adopt pets even if they are a little different. They still need love, care and attention!

  292. Scarabeetle101 says:

    Manliness is over-rated. I want a kitten.

  293. sandie ;) says:

    What a beautiful story! So glad you adopted him and he has a playmate, Bear!

  294. Tina says:

    What an adorable cat and a heartwarming story. :)

  295. Karen says:

    I too have a blind kitten who is about 8 mos old now. He is full of energy and doesn't go anywhere without his "ball-ball" which is a foam rubber ball he carries in his mouth everywhere. He is the sweetest little boy and is also the biggest trouble maker out of my three cats. I can't imagine my life without him. He has no idea he is blind and it has not stopped him from leading a very normal, happy, healthy life. Thank you for sharing Jack's story.

  296. bella says:

    what an amazing cat! 😀

  297. rosalyn says:

    this one happy cat sure's having fun!

  298. Lin says:

    Wow!What a heart-warming story! Please give Jack a special cuddle from me and my four cats…:)

  299. Gloria says:

    This story really touched my heart, Thank you so much for taking in Jack, you are a very special person, I love the pictures. Wish everyone would be like you and adopt special needs kitties.

  300. jay says:

    i am completely in love with mr. tripper! such an amazing, inspirational little man. how could anyone feel sorry for him? he looks like he's having the time of his life, and he'll have a wonderful life. oh i want to give him hugs and little kisses on the nose. such an adorable and intelligent guy!

    thank you so much for posting this story, and thank you even more for adopting him. most people wouldn't have bothered. but you did. that's special.

  301. Mary says:

    I fostered a few cats like Jack, born without eyes. They never knew they were "different" and adapted beautifully. I'll take a "special" kitty any time:) Jack is a wonderful boy!

  302. LeoMoon says:

    It is great you have gave this kitty a forever home and a forever loving heart. Can you put a video up?

  303. andrea lofthouse says:

    u r so right about that the special kittys have adaptabilities not disabilities! we have one who is coming to his 1st birthday who has cerabellahyperplasia! (like cerabel palsy). he is as active as the rest of my babies!

  304. Lissa Arsenault says:

    Amazing! We brought our Luna (small mischevious tuxedo girl) home from the local SPCA last year. She had been rescued from a hoarding situation and ended up with eye infections and so has virtually no vision in one eye and only half in the other. She gets around fine as well, and has only a bit of a depth perception issue. She too will call out when she can't find us, and then comes when we call to her. Your story gives me a sense of wonder at the adaptability of cats and makes me feel better about ours! Thank you.

  305. Maria Garcia says:

    Wow, what a beautiful story.

  306. didie_nabz says:

    cute cat..and you such a good person

  307. June Hitt DeNomie says:




    PROVERBS 12:10


  308. Durani says:

    I love this story so so much! Thank you for sharing this! It's very moving and inspirational. I would love to meet Jack and Bear (((: cute kitties!!!

  309. Vicki says:

    Just goes to show thatr where there's life, there's hope! I love a happy story.

  310. Karen Williams says:

    Jack is so adorable! I'm glad he has a friend in Bear. What a wonderful story!

  311. Tasha says:

    This story made me cry. I wish that there were more people as loving and compassionate as you are. Bless you and your family.

  312. ohjo says:

    Jack is just way too cute. I am just so glad he's happy, so easily adaptable, and a great inspiration to others. I could just take him home with me, and would if had the chance… KEEP LOVING him, as I know that you do. Bear is cute also, so glad the two of them are friends!

  313. Jubilee says:

    The owners are amazing, I know it takes more care to watch over little Jack…. it's a beautiful and heartwarming story. <3

  314. Luna Fate says:

    This kitty is my HERO! He beat ALL the odds and is so handsome! I love that he has learned and adapted to life. And his big brother Big Bear is handsome too! Bless his heart and keep on playine and exploring Jack! Thank you also to your mommy for bringing you to her awesome farm to live with her!

  315. Serap says:

    i love the expression 'cats don’t have disabilities, they have adaptabilities', it is so true and we should learn from them. i have a blind cat, Firfir. when i found him, he was about 3 months old and had a problem with his eyes, after a month we tried everything but eventually understood that there was no cure. he lost his sight and we had to have his right eye removed. now he is almost 2 years old, totally blind but has definitely no problem with that. people even think that he must see some, he is that good at being so independent. :)

  316. Lori says:

    I was just wondering if you still have little Jack. I had a cat born with no eyes and the poor baby passed on a couple of days ago. My heart is absolutely broken. I cannot seem to bear the loss because we had such an unbreakable bond. God bless you for caring for little Jack!

    • Lucy says:

      Omg! hats so sad! I know how you feel cos my heart was crushed ito itty bitty peices cos my dog, Fudge died last year. D: Hope yur heart recoes cos mine hasnt over Fudgey Wudgey yet… :( *crys* Why cat petslie as long as us D: My dog didnt die naturally – SHE DROWNED IN THE POOL :( :( She could swim but our pool was a wierd pool so she couldnt get out :( But when I came home from college that day I was crying (cos my mom told me in the car she had died) but there as this furr white blob on my bro's foot and I realisd it was a really cute puppy and we nmed it charlie – Wow hes 1 year old allready..

  317. Lucy says:

    How sweet! I would of dne the exact same thing. When I get older and move into my own house I hope I dont become an animal horder 0_0

    Well god bless Jack Tripper the kitten <3

  318. Trudy says:

    What an amazing little guy. He is almost a twin to my little guy, except my little guy had a front leg amputated as a very young kitten. He is just like Jack–always happy & loves to explore. Mine does have his site. I tell people he isn't special needs, just special, as all cats are! Wishing a long & happy life for Jack.

  319. Markus says:

    This is one of the most heartwarming storys of all time. Thank you for giving the cat a good home. Jack is so cute :) God bless.

  320. Lue says:

    I wonder how is Jack doing these days. He looks so happy and free.

  321. Melyanna says:

    My boyfriend and I adopted a blind kitten last year, he was tiny and with no eyes and no fur, due to some problems the mother had when pregnand. We adopted him and his mother from the rescue shelter that saved them and took them out of the street.

    He loves life, is very healthy and playful and is prefectly able to live a normal life.

    He is the best thing that ever happened to me and my heart fills with joy whenever I see him chasing insects or playing with his toys.

    Thank you for sharing this story with us!

  322. Tucker says:









  323. monica says:

    This is the most wonderful, inspirational story and I thank you for sharing Jack with us. He is just too precious and thank goodness for someone like yourself, that proves that lova and compassion are still alive in the world. Whenever I am in doubt, all I have to do is come to this site. The picture of him hopping thru the gas just put the biggest smile on my face!! Thank you for that! Monica

  324. Amy says:

    What a sweet baby. He is so cute!

  325. Jack is a very special kitty, and you, Jamie, are a very special person for adopting him. God will reward you for your service. Animals are very amazing, and when you throw in a disability, somehow they adapt to their surroundings. With your love, he has become much more then anyone ever could have hoped for. Thank you.

  326. Terese says:

    he is so cute! i love how something this little can have a huge affect on all of us this little kitten is so brave and deserves a long life full of happiness

  327. SHauna says:

    I think this may be the best story ever. It made me cry.

  328. Black_Claw says:

    I love you Jack and Bear!
    Big warm hug from Dompu, Indonesia! XD

  329. vix says:

    Jack and Bear: best wishes for a long and happy life together!

  330. Colleen says:

    What a gorgeous kitty. Perfect name for him as well. LOL Jack Tripper. Gosh what an inspirational kitty.

    Meows and Purrs from my kitty Stormy!

  331. Loki says:

    This cat wins at life. Seriously! I’m so glad he’s got an awesome home and people who love him! Thank you, for sharing his story

  332. Scott A. says:

    What a heart warming story. He’s a lucky guy to have chosen you.

  333. Kymmi says:

    this story makes me want to cry, not because the kitten has no eyes, but because how touching this story is and how happy he is! 😀

  334. Samantha says:

    Jack is so brave and daring!
    We have one cat (Tommy) who was bit by a rattlesnake and now has brain damage (and a wicked scar on his neck from where the skin split after swelling).
    We also have a cat (Opey Taylor)who was attacked by a dog, went missing four days and came back with his right front paw and lower arm mangled. Because of ganegrene (sp?) his arm had to be amputated up to the shoulder, but they have both adapted and are able to lead regular happy lives!

  335. Megan says:

    He’s One Lucky Little Cat.
    He May Have No Eyes, But He Sure Looks Like He Loves Having Fun!

  336. Kate says:

    I love this story, it’s so inspirational! Jack is SO cute! I just adore him <3 <3 It's great that people and other animals accept other animals like that!

  337. Rokelle says:

    What a precious boy! I’m so glad that you cared for him when most wouldnt

  338. zorkey101 says:

    awww he dont have eyes but he is a young brave kitty that has the right to remain adorable

  339. Judy says:

    This story could not have been better for Jack, so why am I crying so hard.

  340. Pat says:

    Wonderful story…Happy Jack!

  341. Denise says:

    what a beautiful boy

  342. Phuong says:

    Wish him all the best <3

  343. Hope Rogers says:

    Thank u for sharing your heartwarming story. It seems as though you and Little Jack were meant to be. He looks like a puuurfectly happy kitty!! God bless <3

  344. Nancy says:

    This is so sweet! I have a blind cat (Ben) and he’s amazing too! He gets around fine and we’ve moved a lot in his lifetime. I don’t let him outside except on the sun porch. When I got married and we moved in with my husband and his cats it was a tough adjustment until Sazu figured out that Ben is blind and started “chirping” to announce herself so he won’t run into her. Now they’re getting along fine!
    Jack is a little darling and a very special little kitty. You are both precious and lucky to have found each other!

  345. Chuck says:

    I adopted a blind kitty too!!! Her name is Chloe and just like Jack, has no trouble getting around, once she learns the lay of the land. It’s refreshing to see I’m not the only one with a blind kitty to love.

  346. Louise Rivera says:

    What a wonderfully precious story. You and Jack are truly an inspiration. I have 9 cats and love every one of them. If more came my way, regretfully (sort of) I would take them in too. I am a true sucker for a lonely story. Most all of them came from my workplace.

  347. Julie says:

    What an inspiration! That is one awesome kitty!!!

  348. Jean says:

    What a handsome little boy he is….he does appear to always be smiling! What a blessing you are to each other.

  349. Elle says:

    This is such a touching story. We just adopted a kitty who climbed up into a truck and got her hip all beat up- we have to take her to get the pin out next week. Anyway- it’s amazing how these little critters just roll with the punches and get right back up and keep going. It’s amazing. Jack is adorable. I really appreciated this story, as well as all of the adorable pics! And the most recent story about him adopting a kitten!! (I’m pretty sure it was your cat… could be wrong though).
    Glad there are people like you who will help out unfortunate little creatures and give them a second chance :)

  350. Yudha Manggala says:

    So adorable and touching story…., keep the lights on for Jack with your love

  351. Jen says:

    I’m so happy that Jack found a wonderful home! I know he’s grown now, and he is truly beautiful! And seeing videos of him taking care of his new kitten friend just melt my heart. I’ve always wanted to adopt a special needs pet, a pet that might seem undesirable to the mainstream. I hope to get the opportunity someday :-)

  352. Hanah says:

    wow what a touching story :) I’m so happy for Little Jack to have a loving, caring, warm-hearted owner and a decent place to run around! I love it!

  353. Roman says:

    it always amazes me that some people are moaning about their lives like: “My life isn’t worth it because I don’t have enough money for the cigaretts!” “OH My live is ruined because I broke my nail!” This kitty has no eyes but he is happy! Why? Because even without eyes he can see the good in his life.

  354. Dot says:

    Hi, I just found this wonderful kitty blog and love it! lovely stories and photos, Jack is an inspiration to all cats and cat lovers everywhere.

  355. CyanCat says:

    Love you Jack! Love you Bear!

  356. Cat Minister says:

    sooo cute i hope hee wil have a long and fullfill life … (^:^)

  357. Roman says:

    what an extraordinary kitty!

  358. nat says:

    what an amazing story!!!

  359. Larry griffin says:

    This is amazing and your a wonderful person.
    My wife and I rescued a no eyes kitten last spring
    (Rae) and it’s been a wonderful experience for us. Bless you

  360. Ashtyn says:

    Awww-he’s so adorable! I wish more people would understand that even with a “disability”, cats can live just as normal and happy a life as cat with no disabilities!

  361. Kim says:

    Jack is precious!! Looks so happy!! :-) I know well how cats can live wonderful lives without being able to see. I had two, brother and sister, who were blind. LilBits eyes never opened when she was little due to infection. Her brother,Moochie, had eyes scared from infection also. They got used to the house…could run and jump…do normal cat things. When people came to visit they didn’t know the cats were blind until they saw their eyes. I miss them both very much!! They didn’t have eyes to see therefore they saw with their hearts !!!

  362. Stephen Lamphear says:

    I, too, have a blind kitty. “Doofus” was born in Germany where she was destined to be a show cat (pedigree British Shorthair). She came to America as a kitten and her impaired vision soon became obvious (she runs into things when excited). Since she was purchased to be a show cat, she no longer had value to the owner. I adopted “Doofus” at 9 mos. She’s now 13 and the ruler of the roost. She loves to go out on my fenced deck and “watch” the birds. Strangely for a blind kitty, she has managed to catch 2 mice. Those must be dumb mice!

  363. irene says:

    there has to be a special place in God’s heart for those who can muster such goodness to care for disabled animals and chilren. Blessings to all of you who love so deeply and have such kindness in your hearts. As an elder advocate, I can tell you that this kind of feeling for animals is rare for seniors…it’s a dirty american secret, sadly.

  364. irene says:

    I have a special needs cat I adopted off CraigsList-C. hyperplasia. She’s the smartest most affectionate cat I have ever had…with a little love and attention, she has conquered her “disability” and can climb a step stool on to a counter and walk down it right to me. She’s wonderful. These cats, too, have a lot to offer. Use SHALLOW cat litter, the lose their balance in deep cat litter…it’s that easy.

  365. Mike says:

    I too have a cat born without eyes. His name is Simba. Something deformed his face when he was in the womb and he has a flat face so his profile is that of a lion. I took him away from his mother so she would not kill him. He is such a wonderful spirit. He loves to hunt lizards and crawfish. He’s pretty good at both. He is 13 years old now. We have been together since he was a little kitten. Had a three legged golden retriever too but cancer took him. No animal is impaired.

  366. Rose says:

    I have a one eyed cat named Wink and seeing Jack for the first time reminded me of Wink how he gets around well with one while Jack gets around well with out two it brought tears to my eyes he is so lucky to have a loving owner Yay Jack…….

  367. Winston says:

    oh… :-(
    Poor thing.

  368. Brandi says:

    He is so awesome! What a precious gift, such a beautiful little angel :)

  369. Violet says:

    What a sweet cat, I am so glad that he can live a happy life. You are great people.

  370. yumakedi says:

    I just read this story you have posted a couple of years ago, after seeing your new story about CJ which I really enjoyed. I am a big fan of cats and whenever I read about special cats, it makes me sad. But you know what, your story changed my approach altogether. You are so right- Jack has nothing to feel sorry about! And he seems like such a happy cat. And we should all be very happy for him.
    Thank you for sharing this story. Please keep us posted about Jack!

  371. Kimmy says:

    such a beautiful kitty <3 he deserves da best!!

  372. scooterdoodle says:

    Beautiful story. Jack must have a heavenly home.
    Animals never feel sorry for themselves, it’s the humans who make the fuss.

  373. Eda says:

    Lots of hugs to Jack and Bear! <3 I love Jacks playfulness, he's so cute when he jumps :)

  374. Evz says:

    im so glad you made him an indoor cat. he would be in too much danger outside alone. he looks so happy now!!

  375. Kitty Bloger says:

    Amazing and adorable kitten:) we love you:*

  376. Selena says:

    I have just taken in a kitten without eyes. He surprises me everyday. We found him and his two brothers pretty close to death about a month ago. When my sister nursed them back to health she tried to take them to the shelter to find homes and the people there told her that the one without eyes wouldnt b adopted and would have to be put down. When she told me this I told her Id take him right away. That little kitten is so much fun he is so full of life, and is curious, and playful. He has only lived with me for almost a week and has almost learned the house. The important parts anyway.. he is still little and I want to make sure he can find his litter box before I introduce him into my room. He amazes me and your story gives me even more hope he will continue to learn and be happy.. We named him Iam because when he gets “lost” or disoriented as you said we say “Here I am” so he can find us :) cute isnt it?? Hope this 2 year late post find u and yours happy and healthy.

  377. Frank says:

    He is lucky you found him or he may have been put to sleep. Lucky fella.

  378. Frank says:

    Its amazing how cats that rely on all of there senses abopt to being blind and im sure Bear helps him around the house following his voice if he gets lost.

  379. Jan says:

    u have an amazing heart.

  380. nnua says:

    I love Jack playing with his Uncle Bear!!!!

    Jack is beautiful.

  381. Klaire says:

    Brilliant kitty, he reminds me of Oskar the blind cat (and many others)!

  382. indee says:

    little Happy Jack. He experiences the world in his own unique way. What a beautiful story.
    love to you all.

  383. Christy says:

    I am glad you found him. He is so cute and he seems like such a sweetie.

  384. Monica says:

    What an absolutely amazing kitty!

  385. Debra Olsen says:

    :-) Jack Tripper is a fantastic name for this little cutie. Wondering if you call him Jack or Tripper or Tripp for short? He is adorable!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo :-)

  386. Sara says:

    What an amazing story… I really love cats, they are so cute and become like family members. Jack is such a cute little kitty.. I hope he has a long and healthy life….

  387. Cattywumpus says:

    Jack is adorable! What a lovely story. I love the pictures of Jack with Bear! I hope we can see more updates.

  388. Thank you again for your heartfelt story about Jack. I too took care of a blind cat. He was found during the bad hurricanes that came throught Florida in 2004. We knew (or thought) no one would want him. We fell in love with him. He was about four-weeks old when we got him and in the next few weeks he developed some abdormalities. He couldn’t walk anymore. We were so attached by then, that we decided to care for him and for the next seven years we cared for him like a baby; hand feeding and making him as comfortable as possible. This May 2012, Toy came to the end of his exsistance, but not without making so many people understand that love can conquer all types of disabilities. God Bless you for taking care of Jack!

  389. MoMo says:

    Such an inspiration!

  390. Sandi says:

    Jack is a lucky kitty to have found his home with you!

  391. Frenzy says:

    Oh god this is amazing what an amazing gift. He’s so cute :3 Im tearing up while looking at her pictures <3

  392. Marian says:

    What a beautiful cat! He is very lucky to have found such a wonderful mother. Post an updated picture of Jack.

  393. Rai says:

    what a beautiful and inspirational story. Love him :)

  394. Fernanda says:

    Such a great story! Jack is very handsome! <3

  395. Ida Christin Tantia says:

    Adorable and very loveable…..just to look at Jack makes me want to hug and kiss him…..
    And makes me love my cats more then ever…..


  396. Micaela says:

    I have a kitten without eyes. His deteriorated from an std his mom had the vet thinks. His sockets are pink flesh and open. They dot bleed or anything his 3rd lid closed over, but I worry about debris and infection. He’s very active. Any advice???!!

  397. Russ says:

    Seeing and reading his makes me feel pretty stupid as i can see but use a wheelchair. bloody marvelous, thank you

  398. David says:

    What a heartwarming story. Now all he needs is two female cats to share the house with 😛

  399. Aw, I’m crying… amazing cat and his amazing human xx

  400. carole says:

    what a great story. Thank you for sharing Jack with us.

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