Jack Tripper the Amazing Eyeless Kitty

cute blind kitten grey cat

"Hai I am Jack. I can't see, but I can get around just fine."

Written by ©Jamie (flickr: jcspenny)

My mom and I were actually looking to adopt a new cat when we got Jack. I have a friend who boards her horse at a local riding stable and one of the barn cats gave birth to a kitten. It seemed that spaying didn’t work on the cat, so she gave birth to a single, deformed kitten and was not able to produce milk. Luckily the owners recently had her fixed, so I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.

Jack (at the time he was known as Stevie Wonder) was born without eyes. He’s very lucky with his timing. He grew up having other kittens to play and socialize with, and was used to people from the moment he was born since there are always kids hanging around the barn. He was a favourite amongst the students at the barn. However, when it came time to find the kittens homes, no one knew where Jack would end up. Although some of the kittens already had homes, the ones they couldn’t find homes for would go to the local vet’s to be put up for adoption. They didn’t want to do that with Jack. There was no doubt any of the “normal” kittens would find homes there, but Jack was special.

That’s when I got an e-mail from my friend. All she asked was “Do you still want one of the kittens? There’s one here with no eyes and no one can take him.” She knows me too well. Without thinking I told her that I did want the kitten. I wouldn’t be able to put him in the barn, but who cares?

cute blind cat jack running on the lawn

"When this picture was taken, Jack was hopping through the grass. I'd call his name and he'd come hopping towards me. He crashed into my camera just after this was taken!" - Jamie

I changed his name from Stevie Wonder because I used to have a cat named Stevie who passed away a couple years ago. I’m a huge fan of old TV shows and thought Jack Tripper was a good name for a kitten who couldn’t see. He has done a few classic “Jack Tripper” moves, too. Although he gets around very well (especially now that he knows the layout of the house) but he sometimes does trip or fall over things.

When we first brought him home Jack stayed mostly in my room. He walked cautiously around, sniffing everything. After about a day he had no issues running around, jumping onto my bed and climbing on everything. It wasn’t long before he mastered the rest of the house, either. He went through a time where he could climb the stairs, but couldn’t get down. He would sit at the top and cry until someone came and got him. He’s big enough now that he can get down on his own. Every now and then when he gets disoriented he’ll stop and cry. But we just call his name and talk to him and it isn’t long before he finds his way back to us.

He also went through a period where he would wake me up every morning between 5 – 6 by licking my nose. I’m not a morning person and like my sleep, so I would try everything to get him to stop. I’d pull him away, but he’d come back up and start licking again. I’d turn over, but he’d walk over to my other side and lick my nose some more. I’d even try lying on my stomach, but he’d crouch down, turn his head upside down, and keep on licking my nose! He’s stopped that for the most part now. He’ll still lick my nose, but usually waits until I’m awake now.

cute blind kitten gray cat walking on grass

Adventurous little Jack

Also, a few weeks after getting Jack, we got a new barn cat named Bear. Bear is very friendly and likes to come sit outside with us in the evenings. I always take Jack outside at that time for some fresh air and exercise. He loves to run (at top speed!) around the back yard and gardens. Bear and Jack have become best friends. It doesn’t matter that he can’t see, Jack always knows when Bear is around. He’ll run across the yard straight to Bear and wrap his front legs around his neck in a big hug. They chase each other around and wrestle, and when they’re tired they’ll lie down in the grass together.

He has absolutely no eyes at all. Because of that, his eyelids are too long since they have nothing to cover. His eye holes tend to get weepy because that irritates them a little. As he’s growing, he’s started to grow into his eyelids and may have no issues there at all. But if they’re still irritating him, our vet may consider sewing his eyes shut. Other than that, he’s perfectly healthy.

Jack is truly an inspiration. I’ve owned a lot of kittens in my life, but Jack is the happiest, most playful of them all. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself. Heck, for all he knows, all cats are just like him. People who know Jack don’t feel sorry for him. They cherish him for the treasure that he is. I have talked to a few people who haven’t met him personally who tend to pity him, but they just don’t understand. Jack doesn’t need pity. I think Jean (who has Gumbo the eyeless ginger) said it best when she told me that cats don’t have disabilities, they have adaptabilities.

Photos courtesy of ©Jamie (flickr: jcspenny).

cute blind cat playing

"He's growing like a weed and every day gets more daring and adventurous! He's comfortable with the entire house now, which means I have to go looking for him if I want him. You can take your eyes off of him for just a second and he's gone, climbing up onto something or grabbing at something he shouldn't be. But he's cute, so it's okay.When I take Jack outside to play in the yard he doesn't just walk around the garden now, he runs everywhere! I have never seen a cat run as fast as him. When he hits something, he just turns around and runs the other way." - Jamie

cute blind cat kitten

Getting ready to pounce

cute blind cat grey kitten in the garden

cute blind cat grey kitten

Jack loves to play in the gardens

cute blind cat checking out a plant

Jack was exploring the porch. He's so curious about everything!

cute blind cat

Jack waving at us :)

cute blind cat grey kitten

cute blind kitten and his kitty buddy hanging out in gardens

"Jack loves hanging out with his uncle Bear. He runs straight to him from across the yard and wraps his front legs around his neck in a big hug. The two of them will wrestle and chase each other around. When they get tuckered out, Jack and Bear will lay in the grass next to each other. Bear is so good to little Jack, it's nice to see Jack with a cat friend." - Jamie

cute kittens playing in the garden

Little Jack loves playing with Bear.

cute blind cat grey kitten

"I am a happy kitty. I love life!"

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408 Responses to “Jack Tripper the Amazing Eyeless Kitty”

  1. Yew says:

    Jack is really lovely!

    Although he got no eyes, but he look like he's smiling in every pictures with his eyelids closed.

    His story is very inspirational. He's lucky to be in a nice and warm home. :)

  2. Lize says:

    He is adorable and you're so lucky to have found each other. Thank you for loving him and giving him a chance ♥ I would've done the same.

    • julie says:

      OMG!!!! i am a sucker for baby critters like that! they all deserve a chance & it doesnt help that i work at a vet office… he is such a little cutie pie!!! how could anyone have turned him away! i am so glad you had it in ur heart to take him in and give him a good home. cher baby!

      • Debra Olsen says:

        makes me mad when human error results like this…but, so glad there are some people who will love & nurture the precious little creatures anyway. NOTE TO SHELTERS: PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP! I too would take an “adaptable” (read adoptable) cutie like this. :-)

  3. Richelle Craig says:

    little jack tripper is so precious, bless you for giving that baby a family :D

  4. Chappy says:

    Awww~ Sweet little Jack is totally lovely with uncle Bear.

  5. AnaK says:

    I hope that in Venezuela some one adopte a kitti that is bliend. This is a amazing history

    I just have said thank you for tell us about Jack

    • Lars says:

      AnaK, someone has. I'm from Venezuela, and a good friend of mine here has 8 cats and 3 dogs (all wonderfully cared for, she's not a crazy cat lady), and one of her cats, Onix, is blind from birth (has eyes but he's blind).

      She has given him a good home, and he's a very sweet and lovely cat.

  6. Candace says:

    What a doll. He can teach all of us something about being happy with what we have.

  7. Rick says:

    God bless you for giving that sweet cat a good home! Thank you for such a heartwarming story and I know that Jack will be blessed for a long long time.

  8. Drbones says:

    what an awesome story- animals and their zest for life never cease to amaze me. You are an angel for giving that little kitty angel a home

  9. Lizzy says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, and thank you for adopting this wonderful, energetic, otherwise perfectly normal kitty!

    So many would not have given him a chance at the happy life he obviously has with you!

  10. Lynda says:

    This was an amazing story about an amazing little guy! Sounds like Jack doesn't need anything but love, and he's getting plenty of that! Animals can really adjust to adversity, and become ver handycapable just like little Jack has bless his little heart! The older he gets the more alble he will be as he will know his surroundings inside out! Uncle Bear is a big plus to him too as he can take the helm and guide him when need be, and Jack and he are such good buddies, they will most likely always be inseperable and want to be where the other is. That makes Uncle bear acks seeing eye companion too, and Bear will see that Jack doesn't get himself into any trouble that could harm him! This whole story is such a big inspiration, and says what do you mean I can't do it! Watch me! People should take a cue from little Jack, and realise they have no limitations, just go for it like this little kitten has! Kudos Jack!!!!!

  11. Kacee says:

    Love Jack! And so glad he found a loving home and has Bear to be buds with. He has such a sweet personality cuz all the pics has him "smiling" and full of personality! I didn't like reading about how his eyes will get sewn but if that helps keeps the dirt out and from getting weepy then so be it… He is adorable!

  12. Nuria says:

    What an amazing little guy. Bless you for giving him a home he can live a happy normal life in.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god!!! I just love Jack. I would have taken him in a heartbeat. I work with people with disabilities. So Jack would have fit right in. Have fun with him!!!

  14. Jack is a wonderful kitty, you can see his zest for life in every photo! Thank you for giving this fantastic boy a great home.

  15. Mary says:

    What a sweet little boy! He's lucky to have you and Bear in his life. So wonderful to read happy kitty stories!

  16. What a touching story, always a pleasure to read about people who care and love their cats no matter what!

  17. Marilyn says:

    What a sweet little guy and what a heart warming story.

  18. phebiekitty says:

    What a sweet beautiful boy!!!

  19. Norman Murray says:

    What an inspiring story an amazing kitty and very special human. Thank you for the story!

  20. Christine Aspinall says:

    Really a wonderful story! Little Jack is an inspiration to all animals and humans alike! So happy that he has such a terrific home and people and a cat friend who love him! :)

  21. notemily says:

    This is such a great story. I'm amazed that he is able to remember where everything is and jump up on things with no eyes! I'm glad he has Bear for a friend. He looks like such a happy cat.

  22. Leslie says:

    How adorable and happy he is. Cats are so wonderful. The best to you and the beautiful cat.

  23. Brian says:

    That little Jack is a wonder of life and is a true inspiration to all of us!

  24. Linda says:

    What a great story. I will say that my cat Lucky has adaptabities for now on,he had his teeth removed and wakes me by licking my nose at 6am for feeding.Lucky was picked up by an owl and his throat cut and I think it made him a very special kitty and I think thats what Jack is too! Best of luck to him he is secial and happy…

  25. C says:

    Jack Tripper is an absolute love!! =^..^=

  26. Olivia says:

    What a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing :) I loved the bit about how he licks your nose, it's amazing how he could find it no matter how much you tried to hide it! When I was a child I took to a neighbours cat with one eye and to me the cat was special, not unwanted at all. It's just like with deaf kitties, their senses make up for what they are lacking and they live fulfilling and amazing lives. Jack is the most gorgeous little boy and I can see how loved he is and how much fun he has with his best friend, no pity coming from me at all :)

  27. Olivia says:

    PS i agree with the comment about cats not having disabilities but having adaptabilities! I have seen stories with cats that have no paws and I personally new a little boy (who's awful owners bred two tail-less manx cats together) who had his hind legs paralyzed but he learnt to start to crawl and walk! He died suddenly from a bowel problem which was heartbreaking but while he was alive he was a little inspiration to us all. I hope everyone who reads these stories will consider giving a cat with 'adaptability' a chance if they ever get the opportunity.

  28. Nikita Cat says:

    An absolutely stunning, touching, story, with beautiful pictures!

  29. Bali Suut says:

    Somebody pass me a tissue. That's love at its purest form. Thank you Jamie, may God bless you.

  30. Angitia says:

    What a beautiful story:-)

  31. Susan says:

    Love, love, love this – thanks for making my day!

  32. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for your story. I hope we all learn lessons from animals. They don't have time to feel bad and wonder if they can make it. They more than make it. Yeah animials!

  33. Linda says:

    Jack is a sweetie! Love the action shots. Thanks for posting!

  34. katboxjanitor says:

    His adorable face just makes me want to grin and snuggle my own kitties.

    Great story and thanks for sharing it!

  35. Dee says:

    What an amazing story and heart warming…tfs Jamie, Jack is a handsome little boy!

  36. Sandria Farley says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. It is beautiful and so is little Jack Tripper. Thanks to the caring person who adopted him. The pictures are so beautiful, he is adorable and he loves his Uncle Bear so much! I can't thank you enough for posting this for all to see.

  37. Joan says:

    tears of happiness for you and Jack!

  38. lisa says:

    What a nice story!

  39. Margo says:

    what a fantastic story – I just love the pictures of Jack – he is just adorable!! Animals truly are amazing and you can learn so much from them. Thanks for sharing this post!!

  40. Stephanie says:

    What an adorable little boy! Kuddos to you for following your heart.

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