cute siamese cat
"Oh Hai! I am Niko." *Sniff Sniff*

Nádia had always wanted to have a cat for a while. When she was able to do that, she thought about adopting right away. “I love animals… but I like to be able to help a kitty from the street or in need.” Nádia visited a local shelter and saw a picture of a beautiful kitten named Niko, it was love at first sight. “I fell in love with him. Niko was tiny and one of his eyes was injured.”

Nádia had to wait until Niko’s eye got better to bring him home. “Right now he has no problem with his eye. He is doing just fine,” said Nádia. “Niko has been with me for two wonderful years. When he was small, he was playful and a bit naughty. He was always running and jumping from one side to the other. Now he’s settled down and become a calm kitty who loves to nap on top of the wardrobe.”

“He is everything to me. I love him as if he is my own son.”

Photos courtesy of ©Nádia Monteiro (flickr: nj-metamorfose)

cute rescued siamese cat being petted
"Me happy!"
cute rescued siamese cat napping on a pillow
Niko taking a nap on his favorite pillow :)
cute rescued siamese cat and dog
Niko met Nina for the first time. They became friends very quickly :)
cute rescued siamese cat profile
Beautiful Niko
cute silly rescued siamese cat
"Oh I found something over there!"
cute siamese cat
Niko engrossed in bird TV
cute rescued siamese cat
"I hid myself, you can't see me!"
cute rescued siamese cat
"Don't you think I have big eyes?"
cute rescued siamese cat sleeping
"Me sweepy..."
cute rescued siamese cat napping
Niko dreaming of birdies :)
cute rescued siamese cat
"Mom! What's this thingy?"
cute rescued cats snoozing
Niko taking a nap with his new family member Sol :)
cute rescued siamese cat and mom
Niko and Nádia, Love ♥