cute white and ginger cat
Steve the kitty

Theresa was ready to add another addition to her family. “A woman I work with was looking for new homes for a litter of kittens.” When Theresa saw Steve, she immediately fell in love.

“He’s been a joy ever since.”

Steve is a lovable, cuddly kitty who never runs out of energy when it comes to time to play. He loves climbing stairs and sometimes falls asleep on the stairs in the middle of playing. He is an affectionate little boy who loves to hang out with his mom at night. Everyone loves and spoils him as if the world revolves around him.

“This summer, he became very ill, and we almost lost him. But with excellent care, he was able to rebound quickly! We still don’t know what he was sick with, but we are still so grateful he pulled through. I would have missed his purrs in the middle of the night,” said Theresa.

Because of Steve’s illness, they had to visit an after-hours vet clinic. They did whatever it took to help their little boy to get better. “We have renamed him Plasma, after the TV we would’ve bought if not for his vet bill. We love Steve very much and it was all worth it.”

Photos courtesy of ©Theresa (flickr: sayuri_30).

cute white and ginger kitten hiding behind curtain
Steve playing hide 'n' seek
cute kitten sleeping on stairs
He sometimes falls asleep there
cute ginger and white kitten
cute ginger and white kitten
Steve finds a new hiding spot
cute ginger and white kitten
Hanging out in the backyard
cute ginger and white cat
Steve all grown up :)
cute ginger and white cat playing
cute ginger and white cat
"I can see you mom!"
cute ginger and white cat
What a beautiful boy!
cute ginger and white cat
Steve posing for the camera
cute ginger and white cat
Gorgeous eyes