cute rescued cat
Nanako the little feral cat slowly coming out of her shell

Nanako was found near a convenience store in March this year. She was filled with dirt, a few scars on her nose and she looked very skinny.

Nanako was brought into her foster home and was given a comfortable tent shaped bed where she immediately took refuge in. She stayed in the bed for a little while while getting used to the new scents in the house.

She did not want to come out of the bed for the first couple days. She ate by the bed and only came out to use the litter box. Every time she finished her food (mixed with medicine), she became happier and even started purring. Very soon she gained a lot more strength and some weight.

cute rescued kitty
Nanako a couple days after she was rescued, hiding in the bed

A few days later, she allowed her foster mom to pet her while she was in the bed. Though Nanako insisted to stay in her bed, she started loosening up a bit by allowing her foster mom to hold her paws and rub her face.

As Nanako got stronger each day, she also became more and more trusting. When they rescued Nanako’s mother Momoko, it was a wonderful moment of mother and daughter reunion.

The mother and daughter both were scheduled to be spayed. After the surgery was over and all their medical tests were done and cleared, they were slowly introduced to the rest of the kitty housemates. Nanako was first a bit apprehensive about exploring the house. She was hiding behind the walls the first day and soon she became more and more confident.

She bonded with a few kitty residents in the house. They welcomed her by washing her forehead and giving her kisses.

Today Nanako is a beautiful kitty with a larger than life personality. It’s hard to imagine what she looked like when she was rescued that day. Nanako and her mother Momoko will be adopted together to their forever loving home.

Photos courtesy of ©Momo rescue group もも組. Check out their blog here.

cute rescued cats mother and daughter
Nanako reuniting with her mother Momoko
cute rescued cat
Nanako's first feather toy
cute rescued cat
Nanako wants to play
cute rescued cat
cute rescued cat playing with cat nip
Catnip feast!
cute rescued cat big grin
Nanako's big smile :)
cute rescued cat
"No more computer, play with me?"
cute rescued cat getting head rubs
"Me happy!"
cute rescued cat smiley smiling
"this is my bed now!"
cute rescued cat stretching
cute rescued cat
cute rescued cat supervising
playing hide 'n' seek
cute rescued cat smiling white
"Oh nose! You found me!"
cute rescued cat holding hands
"Hold my paw!"
cute rescued cat
Adorable Nanako
cute rescued cats kissing
cute cats becoming friends
♥ Nanako's new bbf
cute cats cuddling
Cuddles and snuggles