cute foster kittens sleep nap
Titus cuddling cat momma's paw to sleep

A very pregnant rescued cat mama came to her foster home after Karin picked her up from the shelter. When Lovisa the mama cat arrived, her belly was very round and could go into labor any day, so Karin and her family decided to stay by Lovisa, waiting and anticipating the birth.

Finally, the cat momma gave birth to four beautiful fuzzballs on September 1st. In just seven days, the kittens had doubled their weight. Easton was the biggest one with 233 grams and Titus was the runt of the litter who only weighed at 207 grams. Surly was starting to open her eyes. A week after, all four kittens had their eyes open wide.

In less than a month, the kittens began to climb out of their bed and basket and started their exploration in the house. Moots was the kitten who made the first move. She seemed to be the bravest of all when it comes to exploring new areas.

All of them stayed with Karin until they found their forever loving homes. To Karin it was a wonderful and rewarding experience to get to see the little ones grow into beautiful and healthy kitties.

Photos courtesy of ©Karin (flickr: mismisimos).

cute foster kittens sleeping with cat mom
Easton (L) and Titus (R) snoozing
cute foster baby kitten snoozing
Seven days old Surly, eyes are about to open
cute foster kittens group nap slumber
5 days old, Titus is sleeping well on her sisters and brother
cute foster new born baby kittens napping
Titus doesn't only like to sleep on her sisters and brothers, she also likes to sleep under them :)
cute foster tiny little kittens
19 days, Moots the bravest was the first to crawl out of the basket, the rest followed :)
cute foster kittens sleeping stretching
Moots stretching all 4 legs :)
cute foster kitten tiny black white tuxedo
Little Titus
cute kitten nursing cat mama eating
Lovisa and Easton are eating together :)
cute foster kitten sleeping arm cover face
"The lights are too bright!"
cute foster kitten gray
Little fuzzy Surly
cute foster kitten smiling
cute rescued kitten sleeping
Sweet dreams!