“Hana the Special Cat Who Found Us”

cute rescued tabby cat hana in between railings

Hana the little rescue

Submitted by ©Jim Mills.

Last December we were thinking about getting a second cat so that our first cat could have a company. We planned to look at some rescued kittens over the weekend when a special cat found her way to us that Friday. Her name is Hana.

Hana was found by my mother-in-law between our house and the neighbor’s house. The poor little girl was so skinny that she was held together by skin and fur. However, her cuteness was infectious. We brought her into our home, trying everything we could to get her better.

During the first few days, we were not able to keep any food in her body. She had a very hard time eating, so we brought her to the vet. After a few vet visits, she finally began to eat. It was wonderful and rewarding to see our efforts pay off. Slowly but surely, she got stronger and healthier with a plethora of love and care.

It was a bit of a surprise to our cat Coco when Hana just moved in. Though Coco was the queen of the castle for about 6 years, after a few months, she slowly welcomed Hana with open paws and finally accepted her as part of the family.

Hana loves to play fetch and will try to play every morning and every  night before we go to bed. She also loves to cuddle and snuggle in the bed between our legs. She has brought so much joy and love into our family. We are so glad that she’s found us.

Photos courtesy of ©Jim Mills.

cute rescued tabby cat kissable nose

cute rescued tabby kitten hides one ear

cute rescued tabby cat fish eye lens

Curious Hana :)

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19 Responses to ““Hana the Special Cat Who Found Us””

  1. Starla says:

    Gorgeous kitty!

  2. heather says:

    Totally sweet white marking on her nose!! Really cute kitty :) Happy Caturday.

  3. Norm says:

    What a pretty Girl!

  4. sea says:

    What a beautiful face (and paws)! I love the way she plays fetch :)

  5. Christine Aspinall says:

    Awww! She is adorable! So very glad she 'found' you. She must have known that your home would be her 'forever' place! :)

  6. What a beautiful story, she found YOU! Enjoy her!

  7. Ellie says:

    Love the last shot! She is beautiful

  8. Marilyn says:

    Very sweet and pretty little girl!

  9. Jess says:

    On my goodness she is adorable!!! I swear this website is so amazing!!!!! Its always good to find fellow cat lovers…. <3

  10. Linda says:

    Hana is a very beautiful girl!

  11. Hana is a sweetie!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. Momo says:

    Hana is a lucky kitty to have found such a loving home. She is adorable!

  13. pandadd says:

    lovely white nose "D

  14. Marilia says:

    Hana, you´re precious!!!!!!

  15. Hana is a very, very beautiful girl.

    Our Mom loves tabbies, and thinks Hana is gorgeous!

    ~ The Bunch

  16. Parihan says:

    Awwww soo cute and you did a great job God bless you for helping the innocent angel:)

  17. Dee says:

    Thank you for saving hana's life…she is a gorgeous kitty :)

  18. Gloria says:

    Thank you for taking this LOVELY kitty in and saving her life poor little thing, my heart breaks thinking of all the others that are out there in the cold with no one to look after them.. I have 6 cats of my own and I could not imagine my life without them. You are a lucky girl Hana, you certainly have an angel watching over you. Sweet dreams precious OXO

  19. Iffat says:

    Such a kissable nose indeed! Hana is a real beauty.

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