Twiggles and Rofl the Sweet and Snuggly Purr Bugs

Little Twiggles and Rofl came into their foster home when they were four days young. Though Rofl was still tiny, he had a big set of lungs and always made himself heard. Rofl’s brother Twiggles was the little “piggie” of the family. He got a round kissable belly that was so cute that it hurt.

cute rescued tabby kittens snuggling

Twiggles and Rofl, snuggly fosters

See Twiggles and Rofl in action:

“After so many foster kitties, I am now convinced that there is affection gene… and these boys have it! They are already smooching me and purring at my touch. Simply brilliant,” said Catherine Donaldson, foster mom.

“Rofl is such a cheeky monkey so don’t be fool with his sweetness act. Okay, be fooled for a little bit but honestly he really is a lovable little guy. The sweetest little grease monkey I know. Twiggles weakens me at the knees.”

“My favourite thing is to watch them play around the edge of the cushions, lying flat against the floor and clawing along the cushion’s edge while chasing each other… like a horizontal game of chasey.”

Today Twiggles and Rofl have been adopted. “I am very proud of these little guys… being born on the streets, life could have been so easily not as pleasant and sweet as they experienced, but thankfully, our paths crossed right at the correct time and arriving at 4 days old. These boys didn’t grow into the smoochers I had hoped (what with their early cute efforts) but they are adorable little gentlemen and I wish them long and gorgeous lives ahead.”

Photos courtesy of ©Catherine Donaldson (flickr: kittiecatd, Thanks to Lord Smith Animal Hospital many of these kitties have found forever homes). More photos:

cute rescued kitten


cute rescued kitten


cute snuggly rescued kitten


cute rescued kitten


cute rescued kitten


cute rescued kittens cuddle snuggle

Hug bugs

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29 Responses to “Twiggles and Rofl the Sweet and Snuggly Purr Bugs”

  1. Beverly says:

    What adorable little roly-poly's!!!! I am SO glad you found and rescued them, and found them wonderful homes!! :)

  2. Starla says:

    Omigod! They're so precious, I can't stand it!

  3. Ingrid (Mom to 4 fur says:

    how adorable

  4. Tammy says:

    They are so cute! Thank you for sharing. One thing I've noticed though on several stories about babies like this being found at such a young age. If they have their eyes open, they are at least 2-4 weeks old.

    • Love Meow says:

      Hi Tammy, Catherine documented their growth until they were big enough to be adopted out, so some of the pictures were taken when they were a bit older (around 1 or 2 months) :). They were found and brought to the Lord Smith hospital when they were only 4 days old.

    • catherineLd says:

      hi Tammy… of all the little ones i have fostered, i have found that their eyes are open at 10 days old :D so wonderful to watch them grow.

  5. sea says:

    They are so beautiful! And what a warm and clean cat bed, I want it for me too!! :)

    Fostering is great, but I couldn't let them go…

  6. Karol Ling says:

    Awwww so adorable!!!!

  7. Kacee says:

    Such adorable babies! I'm glad they both got adopted. It didn't say if they went to the same house or not but regardless, I am glad they now have homes. Loved the story, pics and the video clip!

    • catherineLd says:

      hi Kacee… no Rofl and Twiggles were not adopted into the same home. That has only happened twice with all my 75 fosters… i am just glad they get adopted.

  8. Marilyn says:

    So very cute. What sweet little babies!

  9. Liza says:

    They are so cute!!! They remind me of my cats(rascal and sniggles).

  10. Wendy S. says:

    There is nothing and I mean nothing as cute as a kitten. I wanted to pick these babies up and just kiss them and hold them. Thank you for doing all the great work you do for kitty furbabies.

  11. Deanna says:

    These are the cutest kittens EVER!!!!!!

  12. Ellie says:

    Sweet sweet baby cats! Cutest things in the world.

  13. Jackie says:

    There is nothing and I mean nothing as cute as a kitten. I want to pick these babies up and kiss them and snuggle with them. Thank you for doing all the great work you do for kitty furbabies.

  14. catherineLd says:

    they were adorable little ones and so wonderful to see them grow up too. xox

  15. Angela says:

    I love them!

  16. Lin says:

    On behalf of those precious babies, thank you for all your love and care…the world needs more people like you…have 4 wonderful cats of my own…couldn't live without them!

  17. Tiffany says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw that one of the kitten's name was Rofl. What an adorable name, but how do you pronounce it? "Roffle", or "R-o-f-l"?

    • catherineLd says:

      hi Tiffany… my partner is the kitten naming master and he decided on Rofl and yes pronounced Roofle. i wanted him to be a Russell but was out voted ;)

  18. Gloria Rego says:

    What a great story, God bless you for taking in these wonderful kittens and finding them a home. Hope they went together they are just precious. Wish that more people would be like you…I have 6 cats and I have worked with feral cats . They never cease to amaze me, They have so much love to give if you just give them a chance. Food and kindness go a long way. It just takes time…

  19. bella says:


  20. dovile says:

    They are so lovely, I can't imagine who wouldn't love them <3

  21. Maysoun says:

    lovely pic

  22. Shelly Lyon says:

    They are so precious! May they have wonderful, long lives full of love!

  23. catherineLd says:

    Thanks everyone… fostering is so rewarding!

  24. Debra Olsen says:

    So cute & glad they were adopted :-)

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