cute calico cat and collie dog best friends
Piglet (cat) and Turtle (dog)
cute calico cat and collie dog
Best friends!

Cats and dogs speak different languages, and many people believe that it’s difficult for them to get along, let alone become bonded friends. Piglet the cat and Turtle the dog prove it otherwise. The two found each other when they were young. They never thought that they were different species. In their mind, they are the same just with different purrsonalities.

The two are always together. When Turtle goes outside for a walk, Piglet has to tag along. They are never out of eye-shot of each other.

Turtle is much larger than the little Calico , but he is very gentle and protective of his feline buddy. Piglet is like the shadow that trails behind Turtle wherever he goes.

It’s beautiful to see how close and bonded they are regardless of their differences.

Photos courtesy of ©digitalman.

cute calico cat and collie dog give each other kisses
cute calico cat and collie dog playing outside
Turtle is very protective of his feline friend
cute calico cat plays hide and seek with collie dog
The two are playing hide and seek
cute calico cat copies collie dog pee on the tree
Piglet is trying to copy Turtle
cute calico cat sleeping collie dog watching over her
Turtle is staying by Piglet while she is taking a nap