cute rescued kitten taking a nap
Little rescued baby, snoozing away
cute rescued cat mama and kittens
Lizzy the tortie mama and her babies

Lizzy the beautiful tortie was living outside a home where she was loved by the residents, but when the management found out that she had her kittens, they were planning on contacting Animal Control. As soon as Stacey and her rescue team learned about her story, they stepped in to get her and her babies out to safety. “She has four lovely kittens who will be ready to be adopted in April,” said Stacey.

Lizzy is an extremely “sweet and trusting” cat. “(She is) very laid-back and let us handle her babies from day one. She will be a very easy, sweet, non-demanding pet.” The four fuzzy balls have not been named yet and their eyes are still closed. As soon as their eyes are open, they will be squirming around, exploring their new territory.

Photos courtesy of ©Stacey Chen.

cute rescued baby kitten
Tiny stretch :)
cute rescued furry kitten baby eyes not open
Itty bitty
cute cuddly snuggly kitten babies
Little cuddle, but lots of love