cute ginger and white kitten tummy rubs
Lucy loves tummy rubs.
cute kitten takes my hand
"Take my paw!"

Lucy, the ginger and white kitten found a forever home with a bunny that is twice her size. “Lucy has really developed a liking towards our rabbit, tofu and she always tags along with her,” said Yao.

Though tofu is still a bit not sure about this hyper, curious furry friend that is constantly asking her for attention, she is slowly realizing that little Lucy is just happy and excited to have her around.

Photos courtesy of ©Yao.

cute ginger and white kitten blue eyes
Tiny body, big, lovely blue eyes
cute ginger and white kitten
cute itty bitty ginger white kitten
cute kitten stops rabbit bunny
"Play with me!" | Lucy stops Tofu and demands for attention
cute ginger and white kitten
Little sweetie