cute peek-a-boo kitten Merlino
Peek-a-boo Merlino boy
cute sleepy kitten snooze

Photos courtesy of ©Matteo & Marianna.

As a kitten little Merlino was never shy of showing his feisty purrsonality and playful nature. Even though he used his dad’s hand as a wrestling toy, dad, Matteo never seemed to mind. As mischievous as he is, his buddy Musa the dog reined him in and calmed him down eventually. The two seriously bonded, sharing naps together, not to mention the number of bathes they gave each other.

Today Merlino has grown into a handsome looking boy. You can still see a lot of mischief in his eyes, but deep down he is an affectionate lover boy that everyone adores in his family.

cute kitten nibble a hand playful bites
cute kitten stretching and relaxing
cute kitten hides in a paper bag mischievous
cute kitten naps with dog friend
Merlino and Musa
cute kitten and doggie friend
cute kitten and dog friend on the couch
Love bugs
cute sleepy kitten dreaming