cute tabby kitten inspects hand
The tabby baby
cute grey fuzzy kitten
The grey baby

These two itty bitty best friends are both fuzzy and cuddly, but they are unique in their own ways. The grey kitten is a bit shy and likes to play hide and seek preferably in the trash cans. Her buddy the tabby is an explorer or inspector who loves to sniff around for new scents or investigate any new objects that may be lying around on the ground.

But the two have a few things in common: they are both little mischief makers who can’t get enough of making antics, even wreaking havoc in the house. At the end of the day, they always seek each other’s company and settle down for a cuddly snuggly snooze.

Photos courtesy of ©cripics.

cute grey fuzzy kitten looking into sun
Behind that cute, sweet face where it lies a mischievous little heart
cute mischievous grey kitten stands on trash can
"Oh nose! He found me. I must hide!"
cute tabby kitten
cute tabby kitten investigates a branch
"Caught you! You little alien twig!"
cute kittens cuddle snuggle in a nap sleep
At the end of the day, they always find each other for a snuggly snooze!