cat evacuation center japan
A cat sits under a blanket at an evacuation center for pets and their owners near an area devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in Kesennuma, north Japan March 17, 2011. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) visited Sendai city shelter to offer food and supplies.

“Yesterday morning, we visited Sendai city shelter and offered assistance. They have had an influx of animals since the earthquake, as well as an influx of reports of missing animals, however they are not full yet and will continue to be taking in lost and abandoned animals. They assured us they have adequate supplies, but will be in touch if anything changes. They will also likely need the help of Isabella’s shelter (Animal Friends Niigata) to take in animals when their shelter is full. The shelter officials gave us a tour (it’s quite a good facility, albeit a little barren at some points). They said their phone line was just restored today, so they know the worst is yet to come and many people with animals may have simply been unable to get through.”

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Here is one of the rescues they saw at the shelter:

cute rescued cat sendai city shelter evacuation center
Cat rescued by a SDF soldier, now staying in Sendai City Shelter. Photo taken on March 18 in Sendai | by Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

“Shelter officials we met in Sendai yesterday mentioned that a soldier found a cat yesterday when he was recovering bodies from an area. The cat was terrified and hiding in his bed. The soldier brought him to the shelter, bed and all, and he will be put up for adoption if his guardians don’t come to claim him.”

“One evacuation center was housing 10 dogs, and some of the evacuees living there reportedly had cats at home as well who they were checking on, so we left a huge supply of dog and cat food,” added JEARS.

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“We’ve already taken in over 20 animals who’ve been displaced by the disaster but there are sure to be more and more coming, and we are trying to create temporary shelters at Animal Friends Niigata to house them. We are also looking into renting a nearby warehouse,” said JEARS.

rescue disaster pets cats japan earthquake animal rescue support
"This is Nana and Mimi. She's one of the 20 animals displaced since the earthquake and tsunami who we've taken in." - Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support
cute cat rescued from disaster earthquake tsunami hit area
Cat found on the overhang of a house and rescued by Angels Animal Rescue Team in one of the devastated areas

A Lost Pet site was created (in Japanese) for people to post their missing pets online. The information is valuable to rescuers to find the owners for all the animals they take in.

Here is one of the missing cats in Sendai:

An one year old Maine Coon named Alice from Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture is currently missing.

Here are links to the missing pets by location (in Japanese):

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Many cats and dogs are with their owners weathering this difficult time in evacuation centers in various devastated areas.

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woman cuddles beloved cat at evacuation center earthquake tsunami
A woman cuddles her cat at an evacuation center in Kawamatamachi, Fukushima Prefecture Sunday morning, March 13, 2011, two days after a strong earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan. (AP Photo/The Yomiuri Shimbun, Kazuki Wakasugi)
dog owner cuddles beloved puppy to sleep
A woman sleeps with her dog at an evacuation center for pets and their owners near a devastated area hit by an earthquake and tsunami in Kesennuma, north of Japan March 17, 2011. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon