Choko the Lovey and Affectionate Rescue Tabby

cute rescue tabby kitten holds finger


cute rescue tabby kitten in a bus box


A little abandoned tiger kitten with only skin and bones was found crouching in the grass beside the roads one day. She was dirty, tired and hungry. When she was found, she started her tiny little cries as if she was asking for help. 10 minutes later, the little cold ridden kitten found her way to a new foster home.

She was named Choko which means Chocolate in Japanese for the color of her coat. Right before her arrival, two other kittens were also rescued and put into isolation room. They had to share the room together, but a fence was set up, so they would not have any contact until their medical was clear.

rescue tabby kitten

Choko when she was rescued

Choko responded immediately to any toys she was given to. She was around one and half months old at the time. It didn’t take long for little one to learn how to climb like a little monkey.

She gradually gained her appetite over the next few days and it was such a relief for the foster parents to know that she was eating and getting stronger. As soon as she got more energy, her true character came out and her inner mischief maker personified. There was only one thing she wanted at the time – to be able to play with other kitties outside the room.

After many vet’s visits, Choko’s cold was gone and all the health issues were fixed. She got so much energy that a box of tissues wouldn’t survive under her watch. Eventually she joined the rest of the furry gang in the house and soon she was bonded with her new fur friends. In the meantime, it was time for her to look for a forever loving home.

Choko is an athletic tabby girl with unbridled curiosity and never ending love for playing. She is a big snuggler and love bug with so much affection. It is not surprising why her foster parents were never able to let her go. The adoption notice they posted was scratched for good. Choko is there to stay forever.

Story and photos courtesy of Chika.

cute rescue tabby kitten lying on bed

cute rescue energetic tabby kitten climbs like monkey

cute rescue tabby kitten opens door

cute tabby kitten cries for attention

cute rescue tabby kitten surprised cat sing opera

cute rescue tabby kitten snuggle headbump

cute rescue tabby kitten chews straw

cute rescue tabby kitten stand up cat

cute rescue tabby kitten naps with black cat friend

Choko and Kuu

cute rescue tabby kitten

Choko (kitten)

cute rescue tabby cat

Choko today :)

Choko is a love bug:


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27 Responses to “Choko the Lovey and Affectionate Rescue Tabby”

  1. Liza says:

    So glad this cat was rescued! Adorable cat!

    Nice photos also!

  2. Rocky says:

    So cute – thanks for the forever home.

  3. Teri says:

    Such a cutie

  4. LeAnn says:

    She looks so happy…and loved. What a wonderful story. No wonder you kept her. It seems the mischief makers are the most loving too. I have one of those also :) Love to Choko and thanks for giving her a wonderful home.:)

  5. AG says:

    a beauty

  6. Chi says:

    How Cute :)

  7. Dorothy says:

    Beautiful story and beautiful cat!

  8. Ed says:

    I don't know why anyone could not love this precious creature! She is so very cute and cuddly!

  9. -pk says:

    What a beautiful girl! Love all her stripes! Big ears my dear! So adorable!

  10. sea says:

    Her little meows are so sweeeeeet!!

    Adorable and very pretty kitten :)

  11. LeoMoon says:

    Love your photos. The one with the straw is adorable.

  12. 24paws says:

    Wonderful markings, and I love her little meows! I, too, am a foster failure :) Enjoy that baby

  13. Jane says:

    I'd've kept her, too! :)

  14. Marilyn says:

    What a sweet little girl!

  15. Kat says:

    OH those little old man meows coming out of that tiny body!! <3

  16. KellyAnne says:

    Sweet cat baby. Such nice stripes!

  17. arabianmau says:

    JUST like my two babies….tiny and this kitty would get along well…hehe

  18. arabianmau says:

    Beautiful! this kitty would get along well with my two tiger print kitties….I also included an article on how cats are held in high regard in Japan..and they are considered to bring luck..and they do…..:)))

  19. Kacee says:

    What a cutie!! <3

  20. Dudet says:

    Looks just like my baby! What a wonderful story =)

  21. beckyl says:

    cutie patootie!

  22. hocchin says:

    she's so cute XD

  23. C says:

    Precious baby!

  24. pumbie says:

    Choco, you just neeed Milk. Go on like that. Precious little nose.

  25. Starr says:

    Choco is a very lucky kitty. Loved the video.

  26. Debbie says:


  27. Connie says:

    I can see why you couldn't give her up. She is a special cat.

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