cute oddeye white cat bella
Bella the kitten
cute oddeye white cat stretch
Bella all grown up

Daisyree met a beautiful oddeye, snow white kitty when she was visiting an event at a local animal shelter. “She was a little white fur ball, only 6 weeks old.”

It was October 4th, Animal Day. Daisyree saw a foster parent coming in with two adorable white kittens. “One of them had a muddy blue eye just like all young kittens have, but her other eye was bright blue,” she added. She fell in love with the little oddeye kitten and knew right away that she would take her home. “I named her Bella because she is simply beautiful,” said Daisyree.

“When my boyfriend who was serving in the navy heard about another pet, he was not too thrilled at the beginning, but everything changed when he came back. We all love Bella and she is here with us for the rest of her life,” said Daisyree.

Photos courtesy of Daisyree Bakker.

cute oddeye white kitten jumps and plays
cute white oddeye cat
Bella and her lovely eyes
cute oddeye white cat in snow
cute white oddeye cat helicopter ears
cute white cat grooming
cute white oddeye cat
cute oddeye white cat hides behind curtain
cute oddeye white cat peekaboo