cute rescue tabby kitten hugs toy
Bo sleeping with Mookie's monkey
cute rescue tabby kitten and pug the dog
Mookie and Bo, best friends

Bo the cat was found when he was only a few days old. David Ross’ friend’s sister found him and brought him to an animal clinic in New York City. “A vet there took him home, bottle fed him for a month then we picked him up. He’s doing great, healthy, loves to play. Very nice kitty, glad we got him,” said David.

Bo was introduced to Mookie the Pug who took to him right away. Their friendship started to grow from that day on. Bo loves to snuggle up with Mookie when they sleep. When they are awake, they play together like two brothers.

Even though they are a cat and a dog, Bo doesn’t feel any different from his brother Mookie. They found each other and they found love.

Photos courtesy of David Ross.

cute rescue tabby kitten and pug the dog
Mookie is in the background watching over Bo
cute rescue tabby kitten plays with hand stand up
cute pug shows rescue tabby kitten around
Mookie shows Bo around the house
cute pug watches rescue tabby kitten eat
Mookie guards and watches Bo eat
cute pug tries to play with rescue tabby kitten
Mookie tries to play with Bo
cute rescue tabby cat and pug playing
They still play together today :)
cute pug snuggle rescue tabby cat in a nap
They nap together
cute rescue tabby kitten sleeps with pug dog
Best friends