cute foster kitten perches on hand
Little kitty just opened his eyes
cute foster kitten meowing crying
"I can see you now!"

This little gem was born to a feral mama cat 2 weeks ago. He just opened his eyes and already couldn’t wait to check out his little world. He and his brother are both polydactyl with many toes. Those big paws love to grab and flap, totally irresistible.

Jean and a few other rescuers look after the kittens and their still very feral mama cat Heidi, providing food and comfort. Though Heidi has not shown much improvement in socializing with humans, her kittens love the additional attention and care they get from the rescuers.

They will be available for adoption, once they are 8-12 weeks old. You can find them in the south of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  (Update: they have all been adopted)

Photos courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties).

cute tiny foster kitten eyes not open
day 5
cute precious foster kitten sleeping
day 12
cute foster kitten polydactyl hemingway with many toes
Little Hemingway and his big paw
cute foster kittens play fighting
2 polydactyl kitties play-fight with each other once their eyes are open, at day 12
cute foster kittens snuggles cuddles
3 little munchkins
cute foster kitten kissable nose
100% kissable