Toby the Rescue Found Home & Best Furiend

cute rescue kitten cuddles and snuggles

Toby cuddles with his new mom

cute rescue kitten being cared for

Toby gets cleaned up

It was on a Sunday when Julie Falk was asked to foster a little 3 month old kitten that was abandoned outside. “I said I would do it, knowing that my daughter Emily, home from college, would be in love….” says Julie.

They named him Toby and were planning to find him a good home in 3 weeks because their cat Cally had never lived with another kitty, but it turned out that Toby was taken in by a much larger friend, a dog named Lucy. While Cally was not very pleased with the new comer, Lucy had a different story. “Gradually we introduced the new member of the household to Lucy, so she would know this was “her” cat… Eventually we let her sniff the cat. She was in love. After we felt it was safe, we put the kitten on the floor. Lucy laid down next to the little thing and assumed the nursing position, getting in occasional gentle licks. That was it. Lucy finally attained motherhood. Kitty is her puppy,” Julie writes on her flickr.

“Still, the kitten needed a new home. I tried to remain a stauch supporter of my husband’s position of ‘no new cat’. But he was the one who fell in love and caved. Emily wins again, just as she did in 1994 with keeping Cally.

Photos courtesy Julie Falk (flickr: CaptPiper).

cute rescue kitten and lucy the dog best friends

Toby and Lucy, best friends

cute rescue kitten toby

cute rescue kitten toby buries her head in shoe

Toby attacking the shoes

cute rescue cat toby meets new foster kitten

Toby meets a new foster for the first time

cute rescue kitten toby napping sleep

Toby sleeps tight in his forever home

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15 Responses to “Toby the Rescue Found Home & Best Furiend”

  1. Delyne says:

    This is a sweet story! Thank you for sharing. Toby is adorable!!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Couldn't possibly be any cuter!

  3. sue says:

    cats, dogs, mice n chicks all live well together love m all

  4. Lashantina says:

    "the kitty is her new puppy" – I love that!! And that both the dog and the husband finally caved :)

  5. Marlene says:

    We fostered 4 kittens (3 days old) and our sausage dog – SnoopDog – became the Dog Father!! He licked bums after I fed them and watched over them and when they woke up in the basket he would bark to let me know. One died after 3 weeks and the others found a forever home right here with us! Sadly, Zach the male died from kidney infection in November but we still have Tigger and Winnie. Who can possibly resist a kitten's face… says "keep me, keep me"!!!

  6. john shoe says:

    Priceless ! Such a handsome little tyke . The pic of Toby and Lucy together is just plain awesome !

  7. 24paws says:

    Great picture of Toby and Lucy! Doncha just love it when the guys cave in? Whoopeeee! :)

  8. Katie says:

    What a great story, and a cute kitty, glad it has found a forever home.

  9. Fink says:


  10. curator says:

    Yay!! How I love to see happy endings like this.

  11. carmela says:

    what a wonderful story with a very happy ending for kitty!!!:)

  12. Dorothy says:

    Omigosh!!! Adorable!!!

  13. beckyl says:

    toby and lucy look perfect for one another!

  14. azazazaz says:

    What a fantastic story!

  15. Bali Suut says:

    Can't blame your husband, though..who could not fall in love with that face.

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