Adagio the Adorable Big Foot Kitty

Adagio is a little Hemingway kitty like her brother Amerigo who has 24 toes except one of her paws has 7 digits. She is a shy girl and likes to stay behind her mother Heidi, but slowly she is coming out of her shell and adapting to people around her. Her big paw looks as if it has an extra foot which makes her extra special. “I say extra foot because of the additional pad at the base of the three toes,” said Jean.

cute foster kitten hiding her paws

Adagio the shy kitty

cute foster kitten with big foot

Big foot with 7 toes

This gorgeous Hemingway will make a wonderful companion to a loving home :).

Photos courtesy of ©Jean the foster mom (flickr: wee3beasties, More pictures of Adagio).

cute foster kitten with big paw

cute polydactyl paw with 7 toes

7 adorable toesies

cute foster kitten with big paws polydactyl

cute foster polydactyl kitten looks at her foot

This is the footsie that has least number of toes

cute foster kitten shows off footsies

All grown up today!

cute cat with thumbs today

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42 Responses to “Adagio the Adorable Big Foot Kitty”

  1. Weasle says:

    What an AWESOME polydactyl kitty!!! Adorable!!

  2. Maysoun says:

    love those sad eyes

  3. Mary says:

    Love it! I have an older version… Emmy. She has one foot, her right front, that has 7 toes as well. All the more to grab things with!!

  4. sue says:

    adagio is such a sweety :-))))))))

  5. Blue says:

    oh my gosh!!! that is wonderful! I"m sure she'll be snapped up in no time!

  6. Esme says:

    She is a darling.

  7. Kris says:

    She is so, so darling and beautiful, and I love the photography as well. <3

  8. Rocky says:

    Absolutely adorable! I hope she finds a great forever home.

  9. Markus says:

    She's such a special little kitty :)

  10. Marilyn says:

    Could not possibly be any cuter….:-)

  11. Barbara says:

    She is so cute. Love those eyes.

  12. beckyl says:

    amazing super kitty!

  13. ChildFree23 says:

    Oh my! Look at all those toes!

  14. Katie says:

    What a cutie, just love that face!!

  15. hope says:

    Soooo sweet!

  16. Brigitte says:

    I want this little kitty, toooooo adorable. I give you a big big mama hug, xxx

  17. Kacee says:

    She's sooo adorable! <3

  18. Momo says:

    Cute, cute toeies!!

  19. Fink says:

    Cute!!! :)

  20. shoe says:

    Adagio and Amerigo need to be adopted together :-) I don't believe that I've ever seen a kitty with 7 fingers or toes before ; a genetic anomaly for sure !

  21. CatMoves says:

    Adagio. What a wonderful name for a kitty!

  22. carmela says:

    she is so beautiful, !:)

  23. Rebecca says:

    Precious :-)

  24. Patricia Brown says:

    kitten sez "why iz evverbody lookin at my toeses?"

  25. jordan says:

    she is such a little cutie, i would love to adopt her but doubt she would like me 2 kittys :( hope she finds a loving home x

  26. Sue Ann says:

    I have a polydactyl kitty. Both her front feet have seven toes so she was dubbed Toby. The claws on her extra toes started growing back around into the pads of her feet and the vet had to remove the claws. Just an FYI to keep close watch on the pretty little claws. Beautiful little kitten. :)

  27. Lisa Z. says:

    I love polydactyls, of course I love all cats! :)

  28. Natalie says:

    The pic where she looks at her little toesies just turned me into total mush!! Soooo cute!!

  29. Shauna says:

    love the extra toesies!

  30. Pictsie says:

    Sooo cute! TO her forever home!

  31. Nicole says:

    Awwwwwww<3 soo cute

  32. miszbeauty says:

    adorable!!!!!! muaxxxxx muaxxxxx!!!

  33. Murphys Mom says:

    Have Adagio and her mum been adopted yet?

  34. JR says:

    adorable beautiful baby. she grew into quite the fluffball.

  35. Katie G says:

    My goodness, all those toesies!

  36. Shelly Lyon says:

    So many toesies to kiss!

  37. Maysoun says:


  38. C says:

    That cutie still looks like a sweet young kitten even when she’s all grown up in the last picture!

  39. nolruck says:

    special toesies….how reward so miracle..kissss

  40. Chrissi says:

    daft question but why are they called Hemingway kitties ?

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