Bubbles is bubbly, funny, silly, jumpy, cutesy, and lovey. She is quite the character in her family and even has the paparazzi follow her around. It’s hard not to love this expressive little one. Those big eyes and her cute face let her get away with any antics she makes.

cute happy tabby kitten smiles
Bubbles' big laugh :)
cute expressive fluffy kitten funny face
I caught it!

Photos courtesy of ©Jim (flickr: Cobby17).

cute tabby kitten sleeps on laptop
Me getting sweepy...
cute tabby kitten expressive face licking expression
cute tabby kitten funny expression
cute funny tabby kitten washing
cute tabby kitten jumps expressive cat
Bubbles interrupted by the paparazzi in the middle of her jump
cute tabby kitten hides under pillow
Bubbles' secret hiding spot - under a big pillow
cute tabby kitten with big eyes expressive
Bubbles' big round eyes!
cute tabby kitten sleeps in basket
After a long day of hard work, Bubbles is taking a nap in her favorite spot!