Tiny little beds make these tinier kittens very happy. These bitty fosters love how snug and comfy they feel. At that stage, no matter how many beds are lying around, they seem to always pile up snoozing together. It’s so ridiculously cute :).

These adorable foster babies are having a good time at their foster home. It’s kitty heaven.

cute itty bitty rescue tabby sleeps in tiny bed
Stryke snoozes in his tiny bed
cute foster kittens snuggling napping in tiny bed
Nanuk and Claire cuddling in lala land
cute foster kittens snuggle in tiny bed
Monte and Cowbert in their mini bed
cute foster snuggly cuddly kittens in tiny bed
Minnie and Cowbert making a little Ying Yang action in the bitty bed

cute itty bitty foster kittens sleep in tiny bed

cute foster kittens snuggling in tiny bed
Nanuk, Kodiak, and Aurora sharing a tiny red bed
cute foster kittens snuggling sleeping in tiny bed
Sleepy pile of fuzzballs
cute foster kittens snuggling cuddling in tiny bed
There can be several available beds, but the best bed is the one that EVERYONE has piled into!
cute foster kittens snuggling napping in tiny bed
Little fosters think the best way to nap is all in one itty bitty bed :)

Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery (blog: Kimberly’s kittensCute tiny beds.