Two Kittens Rescued in Office Park Found Home Together

cute foster kittens snuggles

Written by ©Lise-Marie (flickr: matiescat).

These two beautiful kittens were found as part of a litter of 4 kittens born to one of the stray mommy cats at my place of work. Our office park is in a main industrial/retail hub, and we have quite a number of ferals in the area. They are extremely wild and attempts to capture and neuter/spay them have up to now unfortunately for the most part been unsuccessful.

The security guards at work caught the kittens when they were about 4-5 weeks old. Two of the kittens were immediately adopted by colleagues, but these two went home with me. Their mommy had looked after them very well and they were clean and in an excellent condition, although quite hungry!

I really enjoyed these two. As you can see from the photos they were extremely cute and playful. They provided hours of viewing pleasure :)

As I already had quite a full house of felines, I immediately set about searching for a home for them. I am very partial to rehoming siblings in pairs, and was lucky enough with these two to quite quickly find a wonderful new forever home where they would be together.

Their new “parents” have kept me updated and the kittens have grown into beautiful, happy cats with a big garden to safely play in.

Photos courtesy of ©Lise-Marie (flickr: matiescat)

cute foster kittens sleeping

cute foster kittens sleeping nap

cute foster kittens napping

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21 Responses to “Two Kittens Rescued in Office Park Found Home Together”

  1. Maysoun says:


  2. caroline says:

    i can't help but feel sorry for the momma cat. even though their chances are 100x better than a ferals now. I bet she went around for a while mewing pitifully for her babies

    • ida says:

      when i took my ginger home. i didn’t realise that he has a brother. from the people who look after strays in that area, his brother had been looking for him too.
      cats are such affectionate create and they have bonds just like us.

  3. Delyne says:

    So glad they went to their forever home together. They are so cute and you can tell they were very close.

  4. Jaide says:

    Thank you to the guards who caught them..& an even greater thanks to the person who took both of them..It would have been hard for me to separate them!!!!

  5. sue says:

    me too felt sorry for mommie cat. such a shame there are so mant feral cats. those poor we babies at 5 weeks are far too young to be parted from mommie, but better they are safe and in loving home xx

  6. Marilyn says:

    Very cute. Really wish a TNR program could be done in your area.

  7. Katie says:

    So adorable, glad that they were able to stay together.

  8. Dorothy says:

    Beautiful-thanks for caring for them!

  9. Momo says:

    So happy for the cuties. Always good to have happy endings. Thanks for fostering them and giving them a chance.

  10. Joan Gilbert says:

    Those darling pictures and end results just made my day!

  11. Blue says:

    That is so great that they were able to stay together! Fantastic!

  12. Pam says:

    Just love those cute little noses and toesies!

  13. Murphy's Mom says:

    I really like how they sleep with toesies out front, who can resist tickling them? :)

    I hope someone can catch mommie and spay her before she has any more little ones.

  14. Franklin says:

    they’re such cuties! thank you for finding them a nice and loving home.

  15. phyllis says:

    awwwww………….so cute :)

  16. Randy Thomas says:

    I had one feral mommy who came into my yard one day she was a huge black cat and so skinny. I didn’t have a cat but have always loved all animals. I of course fed her…soon she was living at my house..not inside but outside…litters followed. Finally I was able to get a TNR group to help me. I now have 18 fixed cats that I look after. I keep them well fed and watered and looked after. In the winter they all have nice warm insulated beds in my garden shed. They are all wonderful ;) Two now call the inside of my house..their home ;)

  17. carole williams says:

    thank all for saving those babies and giving them a shot at a happy life.

  18. MoMo says:

    Thankyou for saving and re-homing them. Bless you!

  19. Marijke says:

    Beautiful pictures! Maybe Sad for the mother but good moment to turn wild kittens into domestic ones….

  20. pumbie says:

    Congrat.,The two are precious!!.

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