A Friend to Cuddle With

Cats never cease to amaze us at how loving and affectionate they are. When Anfisa (tabby) met Bandik (Siamese), they took to each other and became best friends despite age and size. They always have each other when they need a cuddle or somebody to snuggle with.

cute kitten hugs kitty friend


cute kitty best friends

"You need a bath!"

cute furry kitty best friends cuddling

This is love

Thanks  Konstantin M. for these adorable pictures. More photos of the two love bugs:

cute furry kitty best friends

cute cuddly snuggly kitty best friends

Best Friends

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10 Responses to “A Friend to Cuddle With”

  1. OmegaFox says:

    gawd i'm melting =^w^= *happy happy*

  2. laura gary says:

    its always adorable when cats and dogs interact… our cat shadow is best friends with mimzy , who is a greyhound /lab mix… they snuggle together and give each other nose kisses

  3. Carol says:

    ohhhh my goodness!!! I think I have a cavity!! LOL

  4. katie says:

    So contented together!!

  5. Sara says:

    So sweet! I wish my sweeties would cuddle with each other!

  6. sue says:

    love um

  7. Ingrid and the 4 fur says:

    So precious. My Betsy loves my Jenny (Betsy is 4 Jenny is 8)- she was a kitten when we got her – Betsy thinks Jenny is her Mom and Jenny is happy to play along. They are both torties too.

  8. Susan says:

    Soooo sweet! Thanks for those pics.

  9. Nancy says:

    Such sweet kitties! I’ve never seen a tabby with such dark nose leather. Usually tabby noses are some shade of copper. And the dusting of cinnamon across his little muzzle is just adorable!

  10. Ellen says:

    So adorable! I love seeing these best buddies cuddling. :)

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