Two Cuddly Ginger Brothers, Then and Now

Brandur and Andri, two ginger brothers loved to cuddle with each other when they were a few weeks old….

… A month later, they still love it! Their hooman says: “My kittens went from the ‘everything-we-do-is-adorable’ phase to the ‘everything-we-do-is-still-adorable’ phase.”

cute cuddly ginger kittens


cute ginger kittens cuddling


Photos by redditor, Gamlinginn.

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40 Responses to “Two Cuddly Ginger Brothers, Then and Now”

  1. Barbara says:

    I'm guessing these two are just going to be eternally adorable.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Beyond adorable….can't even come up with a word for them….:-)

  3. Maysoun says:

    awww, so sweet

  4. Susan says:

    Adorable for life by the looks of things! :)

  5. ida says:

    they look like twins. can you tell them apart?

  6. Delyne says:

    Awww .. the simple pleasures! The are absolutely adorable!! You can tell they love each other. :) So so sweet!

  7. katie says:

    Hopefully they will be together the rest of their lives, too cute to seperate!

  8. Rick says:

    So, so CUTE!

  9. stephanie says:

    I can has cuddles too? :'D

  10. Ellen says:

    I'm guessing the next several phases will be a repeat of being utterly adorable! :)

  11. Kacee says:


  12. carole says:

    it is always nice to see older pictures of kittens since we fell in love with them the first time.thank you for the update.

  13. Momo says:

    This is so sweet! We love followup pics!

  14. sea says:

    Two adorable peas in a pod!!

  15. Esme says:

    Their entire life is going to be adorable.

  16. curator says:

    Sigh. Those pix make me feel so happy.

  17. Nini says:

    I hope they will NEVER separate them! ♥♥

  18. Nini says:

    I hope they will NEVER separate them!

  19. sue says:

    yum yum xxxxx

  20. Shauna says:

    cuteness overload!!

  21. Gail says:

    Sweet babies – just darling!

  22. Pat says:

    Too cute!!!

  23. Susan says:

    These boys are absolutely gorgeous & I hope to read soon they were adopted…together forever. XO

  24. Sylvia says:

    Brotherly love, at its best!

  25. Tina says:

    there is no accurate way to describe this level of cuteness…

  26. Jennifer says:

    awww, they totally love each sweeet!

  27. Lizzy says:

    Awww.. Squeeeee!

  28. K says:

    A cat we picked up had kittens like them… too bad they died.

    Brandur and Andri stay cute and healthy.

  29. Teresa says:

    Lol…I have 2 brown tabby sisters that are now 3…They aren't as cuddly as these 2 adorable boys but I have a few photos similar to these…I love my cats…I hope they are able to stay together through their lives…

  30. Tammy Myers says:

    My son and I love this one! Cute and more cute :)!

  31. Susan says:

    It’s adorable. I so happy that they have each other.

  32. Kimmy Page says:

    …brothers !!!!
    … ginger brothers !!!!!


  33. ida says:

    my ginger’s bro is totally black! i wonder how you can tell them apart? do they have different personality?

  34. Edda says:

    sweeties <3 they have diffrent marks on their forehead hehe i would tell them apart like that :P

  35. C says:

    Those babies are too sweet!!!

  36. katie k says:

    Still as precious as ever!!

  37. gerry says:

    ginger cats r so sweet

  38. Franklin says:

    They’re so cute! I hope they stay together!

  39. Shelly Lyon says:

    They are just adorable!

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