A tiny little baby kitten was found near a shed in a family garden when she was only one week old. Mako-Mako, the owner of several furry animals, took in the little orphan kitten. “It’s been around 5 months since the earthquake in Japan. I have seen many things in this period – animals that were separated from their owners…” said Mako on his blog. Mako would not let this tabby be left behind. Though he had never hand reared a kitten before, he was determined to raise the little kitty and give her the love she deserves.

In just a day, Mako’s house cats have adopted the little new comer. His Chihuahua is excited about having a new friend. Mako feeds the little tabby round the clock, and she is growing leaps and bounds.

cute rescue tabby kitten
First couple days in his new home
cute kitten demands food
"Gimme food!"
cute rescue kitten eating kitty milk formula
"Nom nom nom..."

Thanks ©Mako-mako (blog and youtube) for giving the little one a forever loving home. Here, kitty is playing with his first feather toy (more pics):

cute tabby kitten plays with toy
Kitty's first feather toy
cute tiny rescue kitten
Soon he will be running the house