A Month Later…

Findus the tabby boy couldn’t wait to grow up. In just a month, the little boy has doubled his size!

cute tabby hand held kitten

A bundle of joy

A month later:

cute tabby kitten tilts head

Bigger and fluffier :)

Findus is such a cutie pie, ©Liam (flickr: suaveliam).

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21 Responses to “A Month Later…”

  1. Liza says:

    I want to reach out and pet him. What a cute bundle of fluff!!! :-)

  2. Mel says:

    What a sweet face!

  3. Maysoun says:

    what a Beauty

  4. melissa says:

    cuteness overload!

  5. helen says:

    oh look at that beautiful face!

  6. sue says:

    want him xxxxx

  7. Sara says:

    What a sweet little face! Love the whiskers!

  8. Jane says:


  9. Charlotte says:

    Squee!Squee! Findus’ coat markings are exquisite! And THAT face!! Heart-meltingly cute!!♥♥

  10. Roman says:

    He is so fluffy!!!!!!

  11. Isha says:

    it’s amazing to see how a tiny little baby became a super gorgeous Kitten within a month. he is super cute.& he is a very veryyyyy beautiful boy. love those gorgeous eyes

  12. oldladyhippie says:

    I can’t wait to see, what he’ll look like
    all grown up.

  13. Druscilla says:

    And even cuter, if that’s possible! <3

  14. Jennifer says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! So freakin’ adorable!

  15. Linda N says:

    Awwwww! What a Precious Cutie!

  16. lindal says:

    i am just gonna have to get me another kitten!!this is too much!!

  17. Foureyes says:

    So stinking cute!! :3

  18. C says:

    One month ago So Tiny!!! I could eat him up!!

  19. Debra Olsen says:

    :-) Love those big, round, black eyeliner eyes-S.W.A.K. :-)

  20. Shelly Lyon says:

    So fluffy and shiny!

  21. pumbie says:

    So precious!, I wonder how he looks like a year after!!.

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