Minnie was rescued at the foot of a tree near a restuarant. When she was brought to her new home, she was introduced to two canine buddies who took her under their wings. Minnie loves to snuggle with her Maltese mom and wrap around her leg for extra warmth and TLC. Bruno, the Labrador, is protective of his little feline buddy and watches over her every step of the way.

Not only did Minnie find a forever loving home, she also gained two doggie surrogate parents who love her to bits.

cute rescue kitten and surrogate dog mom
Minnie and her surrogate mom
cute rescue kitten snuggling dog surrogate mom
Minnie snuggles for extra TLC

Kudos to Terry Koh (flickr: terrykoh) for taking the little buddy in. Here are more pictures of Minnie and her buddies:

cute rescue kitten snuggling with dog surrogate mom
Getting cozy, wrapping around her doggie mom's leg
cute rescue kitten and dog surrogate mom
Bruno and his tiny feline buddy