A little orphan kitty was taken in by several cats who take turns to look after her.

A tiny kitten was found from inside a wall one day when a family heard her crying. According to Kachimo, they broke the wall open to rescue the little kitty. When they saw her the first time, she was only about 2 – 3 days old, smaller than the size of a palm.

As soon as she arrived in her foster home, the house cats who are also rescues, took her under their wings and showered her with lots of love and TLC. They keep her company, play with her, and teach her all the skills she needs.

cute sleepy kitten napping on lap
Rescue kitty snoozing on her human's lap

Kitty’s new brother and sisters take her under their wings:

cute kitty fostering rescue kitten
cute kitty teaches kitten
cute kitten climbs on kitty's back
cute kitty gives kitten a kiss

Photos by Kachimo.