Like Mother Like Daughter

Like mother like daughter! Mini Thais got the look from her mother, Thais. The cat mama cradles her baby calico like a gem. There is nothing more beautiful than the love between a cat mother and her babies.

like mother like daughter cute kitten and cat mama

Like mother like daughter


A month later…

like mother like daughter cute kitten and cat mama

This is love ♥

Photos by ©Jessica Lopez.

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36 Responses to “Like Mother Like Daughter”

  1. Carol says:

    awwwww! So sweet!!

  2. Wendy Winder says:


  3. Mishka says:

    i cant stop saying aww

  4. carole williams says:

    that is remarkable they look like twins

  5. shoe says:

    How DARLING ! :-) ! I’ve always wondered if the Calico gene carried-over in first generation capacities ; and that perhaps a Tortie could birth a Cali , and vice-versa , albeit “dilute” . Never-the-less , this is GREAT ! Such precious hearts :-)

  6. Courtney says:

    How precious!

  7. Trine says:

    cute !!!!! :)

  8. katie says:

    What a great picture, such love!!

  9. Nesting says:

    Sooo Cute….Love Calico’s especially mine…but they are all Beautiful…

  10. Mas says:

    She’s such a good and loving mum!

  11. Rusty says:

    Awwww those are precious!

  12. vonneybeth says:

    That is such a sweet picture!

  13. Hanah says:

    great shots!

  14. M Terri says:

    Awww…how SWEET!

  15. Ellen says:

    So precious!

  16. Winston says:

    very nice…………

  17. Hanne says:

    its for sure love <3 <3 <3

  18. skittlezsam says:


  19. Franklin says:

    This is like the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! Absolutely love them!

  20. sharon stringer says:

    What GORGEOUS photos sooo sweet i love it.

  21. sherry says:

    Great photos, beautiful babies…thanks for sharing

  22. parihan says:

    My kitty Saky looks the same like them with same colors she is 4 months old now.
    I love Calicos.

  23. Maysoun says:

    this pic would sure make the 1rst price in any competion

  24. hilary c says:

    Oh mo god, this is as cute as it gets!

  25. Hilary D. says:

    Aww too cute :)

  26. Debbie says:

    So sweet!

  27. pumbie says:

    The second picture is totally irresistible; can’t help sataring at it every time I open my computer.

  28. Shelly Lyon says:

    Oh my goodness, they are soooo sweet!

  29. Eda says:

    <3 lovely family

  30. sue pilling says:

    so adorable love them xxx

  31. Anna says:

    This is the sweetest thing ever

  32. Lauren says:

    I always love to see stories about the bond between a mother and her kittens. <3 Both kitties are adorable and beautiful, and Thais is a wonderful mother to her little one! <3

  33. Gareth says:


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