Love Between Cat Mama and Tiny Kitten

There is nothing cuter than a cat mama giving her baby her unconditional love. She nurses, cleans and cuddles with her kitten to sleep. She is there every step of the way to keep her kitten safe, warm and happy.

cute cat mama cleans and licks kitten grooming

Love bath!

cute cat mama cuddling kitten

Feeling loved and comfy in mother's arms

Photos by faitak

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13 Responses to “Love Between Cat Mama and Tiny Kitten”

  1. Wendy Winder says:

    Awwww I want some of the luving too!!!

  2. Liza says:

    This is so cute!!!

  3. katie says:

    what great pictures,so precious!!

  4. Christine says:

    How very beautiful. There is nothing like a mama’s love for her little one! :)

  5. Courtney says:

    Aww! Warm fuzzies : )

  6. carole says:

    what a beautiful picture

  7. Momo says:

    Just adorable!

  8. pumbie says:

    It make get lost among all this furrr…..where are you?, mom asks.

  9. Susan Blackman says:

    It looks so warm & cozy I would like to be cuddles in all that fur. Beautiful pictures of mommy & baby. Thank you.

  10. KleuZamb says:

    Lovely… And look at the baby’s face… To be held by mami is the the heaven… =^.^=

  11. Marcia says:

    Absolutely precious!!!

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