Father Cat Loves and Protects Little Ones

Cat father is cuddling with his kitties to sleep. It just doesn’t get cuter than this.

Nuzzling in with daddy, feeling loved and protected

cute tabby father cat cuddles baby kitten

They always cling to him.

cute cat father taking care of kittens

Photos Courtesy of Wu You.

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24 Responses to “Father Cat Loves and Protects Little Ones”

  1. Bettina says:

    I want that “Talk to the paws, cause the face is asleep” on t-shirt!

  2. Susan says:


  3. sara hoffman says:

    Aww loveee

  4. Mishka says:

    such a sweet kitty

  5. katie says:

    That is so hilarious, just love them!!

  6. Dada says:

    The dad cat looks like Maru 😕

  7. Shelly Lyon says:

    It’s so awesome that male cats are just as good with kittens as mama cats are! <3

  8. Esme says:

    Wow, that is very very cute.

  9. carole williams says:

    thank you for sharing.some fathers could take a lesson from this father

  10. D-awwwwww that first picture is incredibly cute! Sometimes my cat Baby K will grab my hand and pull it close then hold it as tight as he can.

  11. Tucker says:



  12. buthie says:


  13. Roman says:

    they are purrfect!

  14. lovebug says:

    Oh my goodness so much cuteness. I love the second photo where the kitty is holding on. Probably thinking don’t ever leave me daddy!

  15. Karen says:

    Can’t get any cuter than this!

  16. Maysoun says:

    lovely…daddy taking care

  17. Mary P. says:

    Aw, what a great CatDaddy! I’ve seen some who aren’t that into their “kids”. Scritches for all!

  18. Lesley says:

    LOVE the second picture! It’s so cute! The kitten clinging to it’s daddy looks like it’s saying “My daddy, not your daddy, MY daddy” lol

    • Lauren says:

      You just reminded me of the Plucky Duck cartoons. XD
      Such precious kittens! That cat must be a proud daddy. It’s nice to see a caring cat father. 😀 One normally sees the mother cat in these sorts of pictures!
      This cat sets a good example for all cat fathers–and human ones, too! Such a wonderful family. I’d love to see Mom included in these, too!

  19. Anna says:

    *heart meltIng*

  20. Barbara says:

    I love the last picture with the kitty holding on. So adorable.

  21. Wu You(Father of the Father in Pic) says:

    I named my cat after my name, even before I got my son. Now when I see this pic, i feel that i could never be as goog father as yoyo.

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