Kitty and His New Toy, iPad

iPad is not only for hoomans, it’s also a cat’s toy. Nekoyanagi the kitty got the hang of it in a matter of seconds. What a smart kitty!

cute scottish fold cat watching ipad

cute scottish fold cat watching ipad

cute scottish fold kitty plays with ipad

Photos by Nekoyanagi.

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10 Responses to “Kitty and His New Toy, iPad”

  1. Maysoun says:

    techic cat

  2. Wendy Winder says:

    techy cat…looks like Maru

  3. Carol says:

    Does look like Maru except for the curled ears and no nose freckle! Love that nose freckle. And what a clever kitty this one it, too!

  4. Franklin says:

    Awww!!! Looks like kitty really loves the meowPad.

  5. katie says:

    That could be Maru’s twin, those Scotish Folds are sure smart!!

  6. carole says:

    what a smart animal

  7. Kacee says:

    so cute!

  8. Dada says:

    Looks like Maru, and I think this kitty loves boxes too.

  9. Nana says:

    Nekoyanagi is super cute!!!! I like!!

  10. Debra Olsen says:

    1) “What’sthis????” 2) “This looks veeeery interesting.” 3) “I LOVE THIS THING!!!!” 😉

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