It was a night that Mark would never forget when he found a tiny, shaky kitten covered with dirt. He wrapped her up with his hands and brought her home. They named her Nish.

“The next day, we sent Nish to the vet for checkup. She was cleaned up and her nails were trimmed. She was dirty and malnourished… She was about 1-2 weeks old when we found her,” said Nish’s mom.

While everyone thought Nish was not going to make it, the little buddy beat all odds. They fed kitty formula through milk syringe, then a bottle. Nish was given a lamp for heat and all the love and attention she wanted. She thrived under their care everyday.

cute rescue kitten gets food and love
They used milk syringe then bottle to feed little Nish
cute teeny tiny rescue kitten
Nish was no bigger than her mom's hand
lamp for heat, cute rescue kitten
They used a lamp to keep Nish warm
cute rescue kitten loves her mama
Nish loves her mama ♥

Photos by Pupicats. Today Nish has all grown up and is giving back to other foster kitties that the couple rescued along the way. Here is a photo of her cuddling with a foster kitty named Sylvs:

cute rescue cat cuddling with foster kitty
Nish all grown up, taking care of other kitties in need