Teeny Tiny Orphan Tuxedo Found Luck

This little ball of cute was lost but found. She was smaller than a palm when she found her hoomans, but with lots of love and TLC, the little one thrived. They named her Lucky.

“Me and my son found this LITTLE CHILD in the garden. Its mother had left her behind without milk and water. So we took her to our home,” said Figen Erkan. They took her to the vet and fattened her up with bottles of kitty formula. Lucky was happy and chowed down the food like a champ.

cute itty bitty tiny rescue tuxedo kitten in hands

Tiny tuxedo rescue Lucky

cute itty bitty tiny tuxedo kitten palm size sleepy kitty

Photos by ©Figen Erkan (flickr: Mimfigen, more photos of this little tux). A few weeks after her rescue, Lucky’s ears all perked up:

cute tiny tuxedo kitten playing with toilet paper

Today Lucky has grown into a beautiful cat.

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41 Responses to “Teeny Tiny Orphan Tuxedo Found Luck”

  1. dollycat says:

    poor little sweet darling, so so happy that you rescued her and she has a chance at a wonderful life..xo

  2. Donna says:

    Tiny little scamp.

  3. Wendy Winder says:

    So little and cute!!!

  4. Liza says:

    So sweet and cute!!!

  5. Linda says:

    love the story….what a little doll. (happy to see the grown-up pic as well) :-))

  6. Carol says:

    Such a teeny tiny kitty!! So glad you saved her, and she grew into such a beautiful grown up girl!

  7. Xaidiz says:

    Thank you for saving her! She’s so beautiful now!

  8. Chantal says:

    Wow — what a wonderful rescue story. Lucky is so beautiful today— 😉

  9. Shelly Lyon says:

    What a lovely story!

  10. Angelique says:

    He was a cute kitten and he is still very cute

  11. how adorable he is so small but cuite tho

  12. Heide says:

    Thank you for saving the kitten, thank you for touching my heart and thank you for sharing!!!P.S Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  13. Tucker says:



  14. Inari Aikio-Kytömäki says:

    WELL DONE saving this lil MIRACLE!! 😀 <3 This must be THE most adorable kitten EVER what I've seen on net. It's 4.30am here, Im going to sleep but opened this link once again – just to get happy smile on my face before sleeping! THERE STILL ARE GOOD, AMAZING THINGS IN THIS WORLD!! 😀 <3 <3

  15. Maysoun says:

    sooooooooo cute

  16. Wayne says:

    A lucky kitty living with lucky family!

  17. Roman says:

    Last foto is… Oh my god! MAXIMUM CUTENESS!!!!!

  18. Fernanda says:

    Thank God you found herGod bless you!

  19. Rick says:

    Thank you for her rescue – she will love you the rest of her life

  20. Hanah says:

    oh wow… so teeny! so adorable and precious.

  21. sherry says:

    Thankfully your son found her. Such a sweet baby. God bless you all.

  22. Hanne says:

    what a lucky little beauti, she is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Figen Erkan for saving this little girl <3<3<3<3

  23. Awww! so glad the wee darling was found! reminds me of my Morgan when he was that tiny.what a beautiful little tuxie she is.what a great name for such a lucky girl! she is truly lucky.

  24. OMG what a precious little kitty! So glad she found a loving furrever home!!

  25. amanda says:

    A friend just found 3 little ones just like this in the woods by his house in a box where someone dropped them He got them to me and sad to say it was to late for 2 of them but I did save 1 He is somethin and loves to eat

  26. Rene S says:

    Wow, she was a tiny little thing. This story warmed my heart, and she is such a pretty girl now.

  27. sharon stringer says:

    Oh my goodness what a tiny tiny bub!!!! Sooo cute!! What a gorgeous baby love the photos just beautiful.

  28. Janet says:

    Such a cutie……a baby……

  29. Susan Blackman says:

    Now that’s a munchkin. What a sweetheart. Thank you Mom & son.

  30. So glad you saved the little baby.

  31. Dorothy says:

    Wow, she did grow into a beauty!

  32. Gizoomie says:

    I was happy to see her all grown up so cute

  33. nat says:

    oh my goodness! that is just wonderful. god bless the owners! xo

  34. me says:

    adorable..really tiny kitty! :)

  35. JAY48 says:

    Awwww…that’s so nice! I feel bad about news like this because there was a litter at my institute where one kitten was ignored by the mother. This little kitten was not getting any nourishment so I decided to bring some milk with me the following day. Unfortunately when I returned on Monday with milk, the cafeteria lady told me that the little one passed away on Saturday. I was very sad about it, and still am.

  36. nat says:

    oh my gosh! such a small lil baby! thank goodness lucky got so “lucky” haha

  37. GINA says:


  38. Mieu says:

    aw naw maybe the kitty mummy just got into some trouble

  39. Pamie, Sunny CA says:

    Oh so cute! Such a tiny little baby grown into a beautiful healthy cat.

  40. Hayley says:

    So adorable. I love kitties.

  41. Janet says:

    Such a tiny little girl. So small and sweet! Looking at her today, you couldn’t ever tell she had been so tiny. Love!

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