Lefty the teeny tiny tabby is thankful for a second chance at life. He was found only days old with a cold.

“A guy brought this orphan into our vets, having found him in some weeds in Jamaica, Queens (New York). He didn’t seem like he could follow through so we took him in. I had to bring him to work for a couple of weeks, secreted in my desk drawer, so he could be fed regularly. He’s now eating solid food and looking more and more like a cat and not a fuzzy insect,” said Jimmy Legs.

Lefty is getting bigger and stronger. Though he’s still recovering from his cold, he gets lots of love not only from his foster parents, but also other furry friends. The little fuzzball will soon be put up for adoption.

cute rescue fuzzy kitten
Lefty the kitty is thankful for a second chance
cute tabby kitten bottle feeding
Nom nom...
cute tabby kitten bottle feeding
2 paws up for the bottle
cute rescue kitten sleeping after food
Sweepy after a good meal

Photos by ©Jimmy Legs (flickr: jimmylegs). See little Lefty in action. It will melt your heart: