Best Furiends Keeping Each Other Warm Through Winter

TJ and Misty love to keep each other warm and cozy during the winter. They are best of friends!

Yin and Yang:

cute kitties snuggling ying and yang

Sunbathing by the window:

cute snuggling kitties sun bathing

A love bath to add more warmth to the holidays:

cute sleepy kitty grooming buddy

Photos courtesy of ©Lisa Percival (flickr: rustyrabbit).

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4 Responses to “Best Furiends Keeping Each Other Warm Through Winter”

  1. KellyAnne says:

    So, so sweet. Mine wrestle or ignore each other! Love the mutual grooming. :)

  2. Liza says:

    really cute photos. Makes me smile.

  3. katie says:

    Now that is bonding!!

  4. Druscilla says:

    This is so cute I had to both save it and share it on fb :]

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