June the Odd-eyed Beauty

June the cat has the kind of beauty that turns heads whereever she goes. She is a snow white kitty with two distinctive colored eyes. One is yellow and the other is blue.

“June came from the local shelter along with her sister, Ada. When my wife and I moved into our current house, and could thus get cats, a friend college who was fostering them convinced us to take them,” said Keith K..

beautiful odd-eye white cat june

cute odd-eye white cat beautiful

“June’s condition is called heterochromia Iridum, which really just means different colored eyes. The woman who fostered them was initially concerned that it was connected to an eye infection around the time the yellow eye changed color, but our vet thinks it’s most likely just genetic. Cats like this are sometimes deaf on the blue-eyed side, but June hears just fine.”

June’s purrsonality seems to coincide with her odd-eyed disposition. “Most of the time, she’s extremely sweet and gentle. She follows me and my wife around the house constantly and comes when I call her. She begs to be brushed with a surprisingly loud and high pitched noise that sounds kind of like ‘MRAP!’ She’s generally very affectionate,” Keith added. But there are other times that she goes wild and feisty and is not shy about showing her sassy side.

Photos courtesy of Keith Kissel (flickr: kakissel).

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38 Responses to “June the Odd-eyed Beauty”

  1. Sally says:

    What a stunning beauty June is!! There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a cat. June’s beauty goes even beyond that!

  2. KellyAnne says:

    So pretty! and very dramatic.

  3. kim froman says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwww stunning!!!

  4. Callie says:

    She is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous! I would love to give her a home if I could!

  5. Maysoun says:


  6. Lee says:

    Crazy Gorgeous!

  7. katie says:

    What a beauty she is!!

  8. michael says:

    I have a cat just like that.same color on the same eyes. He is also a white simaese. we found him at Fl shelter. I love him so much. They are beautiful.

  9. carole says:

    thank you for taking care of her especially with her temperment

  10. Christine says:

    What a picture she is! Love the odd eyes and the snow white fur. Cats are the greatest! :)

  11. shoe says:

    June and Ada are such pretty hearts :-)

  12. madamgrotesque says:

    aww.. so pretty of her! i have odd-eyes white persian myself :)

  13. AddieBee says:

    Ethereal beauty!

  14. Gabriella says:


  15. vix says:

    Looks perfect to me!

  16. Debbie Jean says:

    I placed a cat all white with 2 different eye colors. She is deaf. Luckily I found her forever home with people who gave their time and patience to work with her. She gets along just fine with their other cat. This cat June is just a beauty! Lucky the person who has her.

    • emrah says:

      those are Turkish ” van ” cats all of them has two colour eyes and all of them are deaf unfortunately

  17. Noelegy says:

    If I ever adopt a kitty that looks like this, I shall call her Delirium.

    No, not really…but I’ll think about it. :)

    Beautiful kitty! Of course, I think they’re all beautiful and wondrous.

  18. Angelique says:


  19. Hanah says:

    so unique! One eye is like a moon and the other is like an ocean. Awesome cat!

  20. Asuman Araz says:

    This beauty is a typical Van cat. They have odd eye and unfortunately some of them are deaf. This is a precious breed in Turkey.

  21. Shelly Lyon says:

    Such a beauty!

  22. beckyl says:

    beautiful kitty!

  23. Angeline says:

    Beautiful..mesmerizing :D

  24. Agnes says:

    I have a cat that looks just like yours ^^. Her name is Sayuri

  25. John Nettle says:

    We have a cat exactly like this one, including the sassy side. George was a rescue from Houston thay my wife and I took in. He had a respiratory infection and some major eye gunk. We got him healthy and he’s very active. Most of the time he is sweet and gentle. And hungry:) But, there have been a few occurances where his feisty side has come out, much to my pain and suffering:) We still like him though and once he gets his shots, we hope to get him set up with a loving and kind person or persons.

  26. Shannon says:

    our Pixie is an odd eyed dilute calico van purebred Manx cat. She is extremely affectionate and never “fiesty”. Though she is quite a Diva when it comes to getting her daily brushes.

  27. Katie says:

    Pretty girl! I have a boy kitty named Oscar who looks like June’s twin! However, Oscar is deaf on his blue eye-side and possibly hard of hearing on his yellow/green side. It doesn’t seem to faze him, though! He’s CRAZY!

  28. nat says:

    cool eyes!

  29. sleepy says:

    I wouldn’t know whitch eye to look at when talking to her. I get distracted.

  30. Raquel says:

    My kitty Kika is justa like this! So gorguese!!

  31. Potato says:

    That heterochromaa iridum thing sure happens more often to white cats

  32. Ashley says:

    What a beautiful cat!! Love the different colored eyes!

  33. Nani says:

    WOW! Amazing.

  34. Debra Olsen says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous cat! I have 3 rescues. I named my beloved seal point siamese (RIP) June. She was almost 18 yrs. old when she passed.

  35. azazazaz says:


  36. C says:

    She is so pretty! Re: the last sentence, I have crazy cats, too…I say a wild hair is up their tails when they go from calm to racing around the house chasing each other!!

  37. Svetlana Moore says:

    She is so gorgeous!!!

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